Pantene's new campaign celebrates the power of hair to express identity

'Your Hair, Your Dream' campaign captures the the link between hair and identity, in partnership with charity Gendered Intelligence.

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Pantene has unveiled its latest campaign “Your Hair, Your Dream”, in partnership with charity Gendered Intelligence and starring influential queer figure Travis Alabanza, amongst others. The campaign continues to share personal stories on the power of hair to express identity and explores the meaning of emotional support - existing or not - from family and friends to gain the confidence to show the world who you are.  The brand's ultimate mission is to create more allies for the community, provide safe spaces for those who do not have them, and give more great hair days for everyone. This year’s campaign follows on from last year’s “Hair Has No Gender” campaign in partnership with The DressCode Project.

Pantene Your Hair Your Dream

Pantene says, 'hair is a fundamental part of expressing who you really are. As explored by the first hand experiences in the film, hair is often one of the first changes made to your identity when transitioning and it’s important for everyone to feel they can truly express their own identity through their hair, whatever it may be.'

Launching with the release of a new film, The Family Photo Recreated,featuring British Travis Alabanza, Spanish Angela Ponce, Italian/Brazilian Lea T, Canadian Vivek Shraya and Swedish Johanna and their families, friends or loved ones. The film explores the power of hair to express identity and the power of support from those around you to gain the confidence to enable that.

Pantene has partnered with Gendered Intelligence (GI), a trans-led UK charity whose mission is to increase understanding of gender diversity. GI’s vision is of a world where diverse gender expressions are visible and valued by working with the trans community and those who impact on trans lives; particularly specialising in supporting young trans people aged 8-25. Pantene will be funding and supporting the charity via The Good Loop platform. Viewers watching its campaign film will be able to unlock a donation from Pantene that will go directly to Gendered Intelligence. The UK-based charity will use the funds towards its work in education to support and build communities that create an inclusive ethos and a welcoming, supportive environment for everyone.

Pantene Your Hair Your Dream

Cara English at Gendered Intelligence said: “We’re so incredibly thankful that Pantene recognise the work we’re doing as important and necessary, and of working together to help build a world which is open to all expressions and genders in all their beautiful diversity. We know that hair can be an important facet for many people’s gender expression, and are thrilled to see a light shone upon so many wonderful trans and non-binary people’s experiences. ”

Gendered Intelligence supports not only those transitioning but also offers support for parents and carers of young trans, non-binary, gender diverse and questioning young people and children. Like we see in the film, support from families, loved ones, friends and your community, is important and Pantene is on a mission to help build this support and allyship throughout the UK.

Travis Alabanza said: 'It is so great to be working with Pantene again this year for another incredible campaign. So often during weeks like trans awareness week, or within our media and cultural landscape, we only see trans people in reference to our suffering, pain and hardship - and never in the ways we are thriving, succeeding and enriching other people's lives. It feels important to be part of a campaign that highlights trans people with members of their family, experiencing love and support. I am so glad I had the chance to archive this moment with my mum, and that Pantene have partnered with an organisation like Gendered Intelligence - who are doing incredible work to support trans young people across the UK.'

This year’s campaign follows on from Pantene’s “Hair Has No Gender” campaign which was launched in Europe in November 2019. Importantly, beyond giving transgender and gender non-conforming advocates a platform to share their stories, the brand hosted Gender-free Hair Cut Club Events, Gender-free Masterclasses for Hairdressers and sponsored job-training courses and safe spaces, all with the objective of having a meaningful impact for the community.

Pantene’s long-term commitment to create great hair days for everyone extends beyond product science – because hair’s impact on you is more than just physical, it has a profound impact on emotional wellbeing. Pantene is also committed to exploring the social, psychological and emotional power of hair and its impact on personal identity, self-esteem and confidence. Pantene believes that everyone should be allowed to express their own journeys in an honest and open way.

View the campaign video below.

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