Our Top Time-Saving Beauty Saviours

These ‘SOS’ must-haves should be in everyone’s kit

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There are certain products, which you come to rely on as old friends – they just make life so damn easier. Writing for Spell, we’ve seen many products come and go, but there are those few which we find ourselves resorting to again and again, that work wonders in a flash and we couldn’t live without. With that in mind, here are our top three.


First up, who doesn’t love Seche Vite top coat? Gone are the days of painstakingly waiting for our freshly painted mani to dry (which inevitably smudges after we run out of patience). This stuff makes nail polish dry to the touch in a matter of seconds, a lifesaver for those of us who have ever painted our nails before falling into bed and suffered the dreaded ‘duvet imprint’ the next day.

£6.90 lookfantastic.com


Then there’s the Cleansing Oil from cult Japanese skincare line DHC, which removes everything (dirt, make-up, the lot) in one fell swoop and perfect for when you’ve stumbled through the door after a big night out and can just manage a frantic 5 minute cleanse before falling asleep at the sink. With nourishing olive oil and vitamin E, it’s doesn’t strip skin of moisture either, making it perfect for the chilly winter months.

£24 BeautyMART


And Sudocrem – where to start with this one? Commonly thought of as a nappy rash cream – this anti-bacterial calming cream has so many other uses. Shaving rash under your arms? A little bit of this rubbed in and left on overnight should sort it out. It’s also great for sunburn, blisters, stress-induced eczema and mild breakouts (although for full-blown acne, we’d recommend something stronger).

£2.50 Asda

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