Our top 5 tips for coping with COVID-19

Lockdown measures have been extended for nearly another month in the UK (AHHHHH). To stave off boredom, here are our five ways to cope!


1. Exercise

Yes, it's an obvious one but one we all put off.

For an all-round feel good vibe, exercise is undoubtedly the best thing to do and it's a scientific fact! Once the blood gets pumping, the shift in your cortisone levels makes you feel good and helps to combat anxiety and depression. Exercise can also make you feel accomplished for being active, and can be adapted to meet your body's ability and type!

Now is good time to jump onto Instagram because it's heaving with exercise videos, especially via Insta Live. Professionals in the fitness industry are sharing their hidden gems and golden nuggets right through your electronic device. And it's FREE!

We've linked our fave three workout pages below:

@peachy_physiques - working on mobility stretches

@bump_dancefitness - 10am Insta LIVE session EVERYDAY!

@carneyscoaches - variation of exercises including yoga!

2. Healthy Eating

Step away from the fridge!

In the early stages of lockdown, panic buying ensued across the country. Correction: across the globe! Images of empty supermarket aisles became a thing of the norm; however, it's important to remember that although we are currently living through this pandemic, there will be an end! #PositiveThinking

At the end of it you want to step back into the world looking and feeling very best. With all the gyms closed and restrictions put on outside activity, we need to become a lot more in-tune with what we eat, and perhaps most importantly, what we stock in the fridge – because those late night cravings are no joke! If you've never been an avid home chef, now is a great time to get used to your stove and make it your BFF. Remember, you are what you eat.

We've linked our fave three chef pages below:

@wakeupwithmarley - plant-based space for beginners

@leariellesimone - ideas to eat for energy

@rachelama_ - live stream vegan cooking show

3. Read

What better time than to learn a new language or finish the book that's been tossed on your bedside cabinet for months. Reading is not just a relaxing pass time activity, it's great for your mind and a way to stop the world for a little while. Whether you prefer holding a paperback book or logging on to kindle reading can be done anywhere and at anytime.

In the midst of UK lockdown, many platforms have relaxed their subscriptions meaning their is access to a world or books including audio!

We've linked our fave three reading pages below:

Amazon Audio book - 30 day free trial for adults

Amazon Audio book - FREE audible trial for kids

All You Can Books - 30 day free trial

4. Play games

Whether you prefer to do this on your own or with others, gaming is a fun way to make the mind float and the laughter to take place! Break out the board games, FaceTime, Fifa, Mario Kart (Playstation), XBox or Wii Switch to occupy your time and bring the household together.

With the movement of modern-day technology, getting the username of your friends can help you to get connect with the outside world. There are so many ways to be able to engage with each other that feeling alone should hopefully be a thing of the past. Find that favourite board game, dust off the console and get your giggle on!

We've linked our fave three games below all suitable for kids and adults:


Mario Kart

Ish Challenge

5. Finish the unfinished

We all have outstanding chores that need our attention. Whether it's cleaning the oven or tending to an over grown garden, use this time to check chores off the list. Yes, it might seem mundane but the the feeling of being productive and the sense of accomplishment will release those feel-good endorphins.

Clear your wardrobe - Sort out what can be taken to the charity shop

DIY- Anything outstanding?

Declutter your home - A clear space calls for a clear mind

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