Our must-have picks from the amazing Vernon François range...

We select the products you need from the super-stylist’s range

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Haven’t heard of Vernon François? Where have you been? The super-stylist has coiffed the hair of the A-list for years (Solange, Lupita, Kerry Washington and Thandie Newton are just a few of his clients). He’s a stylist in demand and now we can have a slice of his magic at home with his much-lauded haircare line. Just like his work, the range is of the highest quality and the prices match that (the least expensive product is £16). So if the entire range isn’t in your budget, we’ve picked out the best products for different hair woes. Your soft, bouncy mane will thank us later.

If you have a protective style you’ll love… Scalp Nourishment 

This little spray is so handy for spritzing your scalp when your hair’s in braids, locs, cornrows, under wigs and in weaves. The oil is lightweight but hydrating and is great for on-the-go touch-ups. £16

If your curls are super dry you’ll love… ReVamp Moisture Spray 

The replenishing power of this bottle is unrivalled. You can use it on damp hair after washing or if your ’fro is dry and needs a bit of rehydration. The ReVamp range as a whole is great but this leave-in conditioner really stands out. You can spray it in braids and hair in protective styles too. £21

If you’re going on a night out you’ll love… Dazzling Spritz 

This bottle of glam should be shaken to awaken the shimmer particles that lie within. It’s great as it’s tiny enough to fit in your clutch for touch ups and non-aerosol too. The shimmer and the fine oils give hair a gorgeous non-greasy sheen. £16

If you’re a no lather kinda gal you’ll love… Co-Wash 

While the shampoo/conditioner duos in the range will set you back £40 in total, this delivers all the cleansing and conditioning power in one tube. Marula, jojoba and sweet almond oils combine for a hydrating non-lather cleanser that moisturises simultaneously, for frizz-free defined curls. £20

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