On Trial: Big Hair + Beauty Deep Conditioning Mask

A clay mask for curls? It's not as weird as it sounds...

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Why you should invest 

The natural afro hair brand was born out of Melissa Sinclair’s desire to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and her quest to find products to suit her hair type. After much detective work, scanning product labels and some experimentation, Big Hair + Beauty was born! The range combines some seriously luscious, nourishing natural ingredients that curly, kinky and coily hair will just love (at non-extortionate price points). We were particularly intrigued by their Deep Conditioning Mask, a clay mask for hair, which not only imbues strands a cocktail of “moisturising goodness” but also cleanses and removes product build up, so your hair won’t feel weighed down in the bargain.

How it works 

Now we come to the ‘clay bit’ – Rhassoul clay to be exact, renowned for its cleansing prowess it’ll help get rid of any ‘gunk’ like gels, oils and residual shampoo to get your curls looking squeaky clean. Next up, a formidable trio of cocoa butter, avocado oil and banana combined to strengthen and hydrate those fragile strands. After we slathered it on and let it sink in for 20 minutes (watching a few old ‘Friends’ episodes to pass the time) our hair definitely got a shine boost and felt more resilient in the bargain.

Top tip: 

For an even more intense moisture hit, apply the mask and twist hair up into a bath cap before you hit the shower. The heat allows for more intense absorption, so those ingredients can really get up in there and work their magic.

£20 available in-salon at Simply Gorgeous or bighair.co.uk

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