Oloni’s going from influencer to TV’s top sex expert

She’ll be taking her agony aunt advice – and huge internet fanbase – to a new red-hot Netflix series on 26th October.


Sex: Unzipped is the next in Netflix’s series of sex-based programmes – and this one comes with added spice: our very own Oloni. A sex and relationships expert – called “the agony aunt for the influencer age” by the BBC – she’s joined as an expert on the new show. If you’ve ever read (or joined in with) Oloni’s famous conversations on social media, using her trademark opener ‘Ladies, shall we have some fun?’ you’ll already be pumped to hear about her exciting move into TV stardom. She has a brilliant knack of eliciting the sauciest, most intimate responses from followers about their personal encounters and experiences. So what can we expect?

Oloni - Sex: Unzipped

More sex, please

The announcement of the show is more proof that Netflix is changing the way sex based shows are viewed. This is thanks to its brilliant comedy Sex Education, which has just released a new third season, as well as racy drama Sex/Life, which has been commissioned for a second series.

Sex: Unzipped features, alongside Oloni, a star-studded line-up, led by US rapper Saweetie. In huge demand, she was recently named the face of MAC and joined forces with McDonalds, no less.

Also on the show’s roster of special guests are London Hughes, Romesh Ranganathan, Kathryn Ryan. According to Vulture,  there will be plenty of laughs alongside the sex-ed, and practical matters will be helped along by puppets that represent all “sex and sexualities that exist in real life”. The show is said to be a comedy aiming to bring a dose of “sex positivity” while also helping to “address the biggest misconceptions surrounding sex & identity”, say Netflix.

Changing the culture

The show is the latest development in Oloni’s career. A big champion of women’s sexual rights, she runs Simply Oloni, a platform for sex and relationship features, as well as being co-host of podcast Laid Bare, where the British-Nigerian serves as the resident agony aunt, listening and helping to solve her listeners’ dilemmas.


She cites her work experience at Cosmopolitan as the jumping off point for her career as a sexual expert. She told the Huffington Post in 2019: “I felt the culture of dating and hook-up culture for a black woman and a white woman were different. Black women were being quiet about sex but it didn’t mean we weren’t having it.”

She began her own blog and started receiving emails and messages asking for her advice. It didn’t matter that she didn’t have formal qualifications, her influence and network expanded – and hasn’t stopped. Now Oloni has a huge following, yet an intimate one, where fans share their most personal secrets. So we can’t wait to see what her new show brings!

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