Ok if you *really* have to squeeze that spot, here's a safe way to do it

Tea tree oil at the ready...

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It's all very well saying "don't squeeze your spots". But how many of us listen when you've got a yellow-head glowing like a beacon on your chin? If you really can't resist, rather than aimlessly prodding and poking (and making the problem much worse), below is the safer and more hygienic way to go about it... 


First things first, don't do it in the morning

After you've picked the spot, the skin needs time to heal - so the ideal time is before you go to bed, not first thing in the morning when you're about to apply a load of make-up on afterwards.


Get your skin clean

To avoid aggravating that blemish, make sure your face is make-up free and your skin (and hands) are clean. A cleanser with anti-bacterial ingredients such as Burt's Bees Anti Blemish Daily Cleanser (£11.49, Superdrug) is your best bet.


Steam or shower first to open up the pores

This is particularly good if you're dealing with stubborn blackheads. If you've already had your shower, just hold your face over a sinkful of boiling water should do the trick.


Wrap the tips of both index fingers in tissue paper

And apply gentle pressure either side of the offending spot in question, using the tissue to mop up any debris. Remember to use the pads of the fingers - not the nails, so you won’t damage or scar the skin. And if whatever gunk inside isn't coming out with gentle pressure, then leave it alone or it'll just end up angry and inflamed!


Apply tea tree oil to the area

This will blitz any bacteria and prevent the spot from coming back with a vengence and giving you more pimples for your troubles. Try The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil (£8.50 The Body Shop)

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