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Viviscal lead the way in opening up the convo about hair loss and real-life experiences amongst different ethnicities

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Jemima Cousins

In honour of National Hair Loss Awareness month, leading hair supplement brand Viviscal kick-started the convo with the hashtag #HealthyHairTalks, and invited team Spell to attend a discussion in central London.

With a panel of experts from nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik, hairstylist & salon owner Christel Lundqvist and consultant dermatologist Dr Matin Wade, they raised some interesting points about experiencing and coping with hair thinning and loss. Factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress, hormonal imbalance were highlighted, but what stood out the most were the statistics, especially when it came to the ethnicities who reported losing their hair at some point.

71% of black women have encountered hair loss and breakage

44% of Asian or Asian British have expressed not being content with their hair

67% Arabic women have experienced some form of hair loss

What I took away from the discussion is that taking a daily supplement like Viviscal is a great way to maintain hair health whether you're experiencing hair loss, shedding or stunted growth. When we consume food, the hair is the last part of the body to be fed nutrients as other areas are prioritised. If like me you're thinking, 'Hey, my hair's a priority and needs to be fed too,' then this is where a hair supp can step in and top on that much-needed goodness.

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