NewFade male replacement units address baldness

Finally, a UK-based brand is producing on-trend hair units for men with baldness seeking a temporary style replacement.


Revolutionary grooming service NewFade provides luxe yet affordable male hair loss solutions. Founded by a trio of medical professionals (pictured), they've utilised their expert knowledge to create bespoke hair replacement units based on the latest male styles such as afro twists, classic high tops and the London wavey.

NewFade team
Moses, Joey and Cyril

NewFade was founded when Dr Joel Akwenuke, CEO and Co-Founder, began to lose his hair in his early 20’s. Having looked into a variety of unsuccessful hair loss solutions, including pills and hair transplant surgery it became clear that he needed a solution that could provide instant results, that ensured no health complications and could also be easily maintained.

NewFade before and after
Before and after

After eventually discovering hair units, he was unable to find somewhere that could provide stylish, quality hair units or a service that catered to his busy lifestyle. Akwenuke realised that if this was a problem he was facing, it was also being faced by other black men just like him throughout the UK. As a qualified medical professional, he realised it was a problem he was in a perfect position to safely and effectively solve so enlisted his friends Moses and Cyril, a doctor and pharmacist respectively, and thus NewFade was born.

The company’s hair replacement solutions were initially designed exclusively for black men, to solve not just the founders personal needs but also the needs of their peers. Currently NewFade offers three main unit types: ultra-minimal; minimal; and a luxe unit, which can be styled into a variety of finishes such as Afro Twist, Classic High Top and London Wavey. However NewFade can also provide bespoke units for other ethnicities and hair types and looks to continue expanding their flourishing clientele.

Find out more about NewFade here.

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