New Year resolutions from the industry pros

Four experts in the beauty and hair industries give us their New Year resolutions for business, health and wellbeing, and family

Bianca Estelle
Bianca Estelle, Founder of bea Skin Care

‘Now’s the time to switch your moisturiser for one with extra hydrating properties such as peptides that will help replenish collagen – often referred to as the tent pegs of our skin making us look more youthful. Just what I want for the New Year ahead!’

Hector Obeng
Hector Obeng, Award-winning Hairdresser

‘2019 has been a blessed year for the salon. Going forward I want to keep pushing for excellence, but with more of a balance to my health and family. Health is wealth and without it you’re no use to yourself or loved ones, so it's important we prioritse it.’

Adeola Gboyega
Adeola Gboyega, Pat McGrath artistry manager

'Next year I'm all about investing in my skincare routine. That means using quality products that's suited to my needs. I say to my clients it's like building a house, you need to have a solid foundation for everything to work. So it's time I practice what I preach.'

Jemima Cousins
Jemima Cousins, Spell Magazine Editor

‘My resolution is to steam my hair twice a week. Last month I invested in an at-home steamer from eBay, and the plan is to alternate between moisturising and protein treatments. When my hair looks good and is super healthy, I feel on top of the world.’

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