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Upgrade your old school headscarf today and protect your hair properly with these beautiful new headscarfs from SILKUP

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When did you last replace your bedtime headscarf? It’s not a trick question, but one that might make you realise you're doing your beautiful hair an injustice. Step forward SILKUP Luna (£52), the Ferrari of today’s night-time headscarves. It reduces breakage, doesn’t slip off and accommodates big manes as well as protective styles that need extra room.

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The Luna was designed by a team of colleagues frustrated by their needs not being met by the current products in the market. Founder Nichola explains:

“We found using a silk scarf could often come loose overnight, or layers of overlaid fabric could dig in and be uncomfortable. Whilst existing ready-made turban wraps worked for some; team members with Afro hair found the weight of braids or twists could cause the front-knot to pull against the forehead. One of our team with an undercut found that almost anything slipped off. We realised that there wasn’t a comfortable, luxurious product that could fit all types of hair whilst staying put throughout the night. We created Luna to fill this gap and offer a luxurious but affordable silk hair solution that will work for all women.”

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