Why a masterclass with Afrotherapy beats an online tutorial

The Spell team review Afrotherapy's sold out natural hair masterclass with award-winning stylists Michelle Garande and Harriet Kessie


Afrotherapy Natural Hair Masterclasses have proven to be very popular with every event sold out so far.

Award-winning stylists for natural hair and braids, Michelle Garande and Harriet Kessie-Cudjoe, spotted a gap in the market with women seeking knowledge on how to look after and maintain their natural hair. 'We wanted share and inspire women with our hairdressing knowledge so they would be more confident with managing and styling their own hair,' says Michelle.

The Spell team attended the masterclass held in July to see Harriet and Michelle in action. The atmosphere was lively and personable as women from all walks of life bonded by sharing their experiences openly. In the three hour session, Michelle and Harriet covered a lot of ground from understanding your hair type, what products to use and how to style it. Best of all, what they were saying was supported with scientific knowledge and years of working with a variety of afro textured hair.

Their advice was honest. Compared to influencers who are paid to plug brands, Harriet and Michelle only spoke about hair care products they had personally used and believed in. The demos lasted for 20 minutes which effectively proved that some natural styles don't require hours Some attendees filmed the demos to capture the golden nuggets of information and other used the handy booklet that was given out to make notes.

What we learnt on the day

1.     Feed your hair

Healthy hair starts from within. We're not saying you must become a health freak, but you need a balanced diet that consists of fruit, vegetables and lots of water.


2.     Clarify your hair and scalp regularly

Healthy hair needs a clean and healthy environment for it to grow. A dirty scalp laden with build-up can clog the pores and follicles  slowing down hair growth. So, make sure to clarify your scalp regularly.


3.     Invest in good hair tools

When handling and styling your hair, make sure to use good quality tools that won't snag on your natural hair.


4.     Gently detangle from end to root

Kinky, curly hair needs a lot of TLC. When detangling, start from the very ends then gradually work your way up to the root. This will reduce breakage.


5.     Moisturise and seal

Find products that work for you. Use a leave-in conditioner along with an organic oil to seal in the moisture. This will keep the hair healthy soft and manageable.


6.     Wear protective hairstyles

Keep your hair tucked away in styles that require little to no maintenance for a few days or weeks as this will help to retain length.


7.     Massage your scalp

Frequent scalp massages will help stimulate the hair follicles and increase blood flow to the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth.


Why it's worth attending

If any of these statements apply to you then you need to attend says Harriet and Michelle:

You've been thinking about going natural but don't know how to go about it?

You're probably thinking about whether to transition or be brave and do the 'big chop'?

You're thinking about products, maintenance and styles and just need some good, professional advice.

You've been natural for a while, but you're now stuck for ideas of what to do?

The natural hair journey is harder than you expected and you need some new ideas on how to style or maintain your hair.?

You've just started your natural hair journey and are in need of direction...Can I colour my hair? Will natural hair suit me? What is my hair type? etc

The next Natural Hair Masterclass with Afrotherapy will be taking place in October. Click for more details

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