Must-know rules for wearing fake lashes

Lash technician Mimi Oviawe from Mimi's Studios in Bermondsey gives us her tips on how to get your falsies looking on point

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Individuals vs. strip lashes

It’s the perennial eyelash question. Everyone has their own preference, which is fair enough. But I would argue the case that having individual lashes glued on by a professional technician gives a more flattering result. We’re able to customise the shape and make sure the lashes look utterly real.

At Mimi’s, we specialise in luxury mink extensions, which are fluffy, light and wearable. They tend to last longer too because several mink strands are applied per natural lash.

The beauty of brows

Lash extensions paired with manicured brows makes for a gorgeous combo. Eyes look bigger and brighter instantly and become the focal point of the face. My advice is to follow the natural shape of the brow. Some people think that beauty therapists create an eyebrow shape from scratch, but we actually just enhance what is already there.

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Why see a pro?

Individual lashes require adhesive, so I wouldn’t recommend that anyone, especially if they’re inexperienced, applies glue near their own eyes. Lash technicians are trained to do what they do and know what they’re working with.

Some glues contain formaldehyde and this can irritate the eyes and cause swelling and redness. The eye area is sensitive and delicate so this beauty treatment requires extra precaution. We work to a high standard making sure that all our equipment is sterilised, which is something I doubt many people would do at home.

What's trending?

Coloured and bottom lashes are popular at the moment for festivals and special occasions. Also, mega volume lashes, also known as Russian volumes, are ultra-fine and easier to apply to each natural lash. They’re applied in a fan-like shape, which gives lots of volume!

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