Meet the UK’s #YouTubeBlackVoices Creator Class of 2022

The platform's second cohort of black creators highlights talented artists and musicians across the world - how many do you follow?


This is an exciting time for the YouTube community, as the platform has recently announced the launch of its Black Voices Fund: a global, multi-year commitment to uplifting Black creators and artists on the platform.

Recipients of the fundaing will be awarded support and resources, including seed funding to develop their channels, partner support and workshops.

This will be YouTube’s second Black Voices Fund cohort and a truly global class with 135 creators, including 34 from the UK - including a mix of artists and musicians.

Over the next few years, YouTube will directly invest in 500+ creators and artists from across the world to support, grow and fund their channels and content development. The impact of the initiative on last year's creators ranges from better equipment to help them with channel production (The Humble Penny), launching public speaking courses (Suli Breaks) and launching podcasts (Courtney Boateng).

Let's take a look at this year's UK Creator Class:

United View

Flex is a presenter and content creator following Manchester United to every game, giving fans around the world a platform to have their say. United View has the latest in news including transfers, match previews, and fan views as well as discussion and analysis of every Manchester United game.

Adella Afadi

What started as a fashion and beauty channel has evolved into thought-provoking and timely conversations (with a sprinkle of fashion and beauty). Adella is an open book and uses her own life experiences and deep thoughts to further her goal which is to encourage all (especially women) to think critically, extend grace and ultimately love themselves and others deeply.

Byola Partyheaven

In the world of party planning and balloon art decoration, Biola Adams has won acclaim for herself with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Biola opened a YouTube channel in 2016 where she helps other event planners and balloon artists grow by sharing tutorials and videos of her work.

Momma Cherri

Charita LaCountess Jonesa hails from an American “ghetto” outside of Philadelphia and moved to England in 1978. Together with her daughter they have set up a YouTube channel sharing her experiences and passion for cooking to a worldwide community. Throughout the Black Lives Matter protests around the world she has spoken out at various rallies to show her support.

Cheryl Moyo

Cheryl Moyo is a 21-year-old recent Computer Science graduate. She started her channel in 2019, documenting her experience as a transfer and international student in the UK. Over the last two years, she has shared educational content, offering advice to students across the globe and encouraging them to pursue higher education, particularly in STEM subjects.

Kaiser Coby

Daniella is a skincare and makeup lover. She started uploading videos 5 years ago as a hobby to share with friends and family, without realising it would change her life and career for the better. In her own words: “I am able to say I make video content that helps and educate people as a job! It’s also allowed me to interact with an amazing community of people that I’m lucky to call my supporters!


Havian is a London-based RPG specialist! His popular YouTube gaming channel is dedicated to covering action games and RPGs. He focuses on creating highly informative videos that break down complex games in a clear and understandable way.

The Williamson’s

"We are a black British family that vlog our daily lives as well as take part in crazy challenges. As a family we try and travel and explore when we can and we love bringing our viewers along for the ride. Another favourite thing to do as a family is eat and try new foods so you will also find a few food challenges on our page."

9ine Degrees

9ine Degrees is a talented collective of content creators from inner city London. They’ve developed an animated web-series called “Pass The Meerkat” that tells the captivating and humorous stories akin to a typical or not so typical male WhatsApp group.

Freedom Is Mine

Fayida Jailler is a YouTuber, educator, activist, linguist and travel curator, specializing in black history content from the global African diaspora. In 2020 she founded ’Freedom Is Mine', a platform dedicated to celebrating the history, culture and contribution of the African diaspora worldwide.


A passionate and dedicated food blogger all about showcasing the accessibility of cooking to everyone. She started her social media channels to show others just how easy it can be to cook with what is already available to us in our homes.

Jackie Amoako

In her channel Jackie Amoako creates a range of content — from lifestyle to fashion to challenges to vlogs to reviews and even educational videos. “Just here to entertain all you amazing people with content for days so enjoy the ride & follow me on my journey through life!” she says.

Jade Beason

Jade Beason is a marketing coach and creator who specialises in helping fellow creators and entrepreneurs increase their online presence and create profitable online businesses. Within 1 year, her channel has grown to 40k subscribers and amassed over 1.3 million views.


Jesse & Daniel started CORD to create a space for music lovers and listeners to celebrate and engage with authentic music content. As massive fans of Rap, they like creating video formats that showcase this music scene through a more imaginative lens.


Jessica, better known as TheJessLyfe, is a gaming content creator and author of Just One Egg. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan now residing in London, UK.

Don't Trust The Internet

With over a decade of experience, Julie Adenuga’s consistent passion, unforgettable charisma and most importantly, good taste, has set her at the forefront of a vanguard of creative entrepreneurs, dedicated to uplifting, shaping, and developing British music and culture.

Juliet Uzor

Juliet Uzor is a London-based mum and school teacher with a huge love of sewing clothes. In order to inspire other home sewers, encourage crafting for good mental health and demystify the sewing of clothes, she enjoys sharing fun sewing and DIY craft videos on her YouTube channel and other social media pages.


Kobi, also known as K-Wiss, is a professional fighting game competitor and commentator. He’s been making content for around 3 years mainly on Tekken but has recently started expanding to include a lot more of his own interests like anime.


Ghanaian born In Italy, Luisa or ObaaHemaaa is a dance, entertainment, and streetwear content creator. She joined YouTube in 2012 just for fun and loves the fact that she’s able to showcase and share her lifestyle with the world.

Lydia Dinga

Lydia Dinga is a lifestyle and travel creator. Her vlogs insight you into the highs and lows of her weekly adventures, meanwhile her cinematic and picturesque travel videos will have your eyes wide open as she captures once-in-a-lifetime excursions.

Journey 2Med

Congolese-born Lydie Kitenge and her best friend Hazal Turunc are content creators and medical students whose passion lies in encouraging academic prosperity among the youth. From academic advice to entertaining lifestyle content and even vlogs, they document their journey to becoming doctors and more!


Makai Fray is a YouTuber, entertainer and social media influencer. His content includes challenges, pranks and sometimes even vlogs, which led him to work with big and well-known brands. Makai now also makes his own music and aims to also get into the acting world.

Lamide Elizabeth

Banker, property investor, digital entrepreneur and also content creator, Lamide started documenting her journey by showing others how she was able to get into the competitive world of investment banking.


King's College London graduate, Ehis loves to experiment with storytelling through everyday experience. His style, comedic humour and editing showcases his quirky personality accompanied by high quality and captivating content. He uses his platforms to discuss current affairs, racial inequality, growing up and pop-culture.


Nellah is a newly qualified doctor and has been sharing her entire journey throughout medical school for the last 6 years on YouTube. She studied abroad in Lithuania and wanted to show a different representation in the medical field as a black African female in the hope of inspiring other young black girls to pursue anything they want.

Kim Dave

Priscillia Okpan is the fashion designer and digital content creator behind Kim Dave. After graduating with a degree in Microbiology, she studied fashion design. Her content niche became clear when she started creating pattern-making and detailed garment construction videos. She’s now started a ready to wear clothing brand inspired by my Nigerian heritage.

Promise Bakare

Promise is a multi-disciplined creative based in Leicester. She started her fashion channel 5 years ago but has evolved a lot since then, on and off-platform. “YouTube has forced me to face the world in ways I could not have imagined, challenged me to take risks and discuss subjects that many would shy away from” she recalls.


Sunpi creates diverse & inclusive content on fitness/gaming and everyday lifestyle topics. As well as vlogs, she reviews games, unboxes tech and answers viewer questions as part of a regular Q&A sessions.

Tamara Gabriel

Beyond her day job as a web developer, Tamara loves everything to do with video. She started out by messing around with cameras a few years back to do photography, soon fell in love with the video side of things. While she has experimented with various types of content, she’s now doing camera gear reviews.

Temi Danso Art

Temi is a mechanical engineer who has recently transitioned into becoming a full artist and content creator. She is a self-taught artist that specialises in coloured pencil portrait drawings. Her journey on YouTube started with speed drawing videos and has now expanded to include drawing tutorials, relatable art rants and other fun art content.


Vee a.k.a MissVeeLondon, has always felt a call for arts but turned down opportunities due to her lack of confidence. Once becoming a mom, she vowed to be a role model to her teenage daughter so she moved to YouTube to create fashion content, given the existing gap in the industry for women of her ethnicity, size and shape.

Vee Kativhu

Vee Kativhu is a 23-year-old trailblazing young woman who champions access to education for underrepresented students and is the founder of Empowered By Vee (an academic empowerment platform for students who feel unsupported). Vee is best known as an education content creator on YouTube, and has amassed over 16 million views since 2017.


Wunmi Bello is an interviewer, personality and influencer. On her very own YouTube series “The Wunmi Bello Show”, Wunmi shines as an interviewer and has secured some of the nation's talented favourites, such as Ivorian Doll, Poet, Not3s.

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