Meet the #SpellSquad kick-starts a new hair influencer programme set to raise your hair game! Meet the hair-obsessed members here.

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Meet the new recruits

To celebrate beauty and inspire your crowning glory, has joined forces with the UK’s leading hair influencers to promote cuttingedge trends and exciting product launches. The search to create a squad started last month. And if you head over to @SpellBeautyUK, you can see how each member has taken a style – from box braids, spring twists to bubble ponytails – and made it their own. Spell Magazine editor Jemima Cousins says: "The Spell squad goals are all about promoting individuality and being your best self, which our newly


What’s the best thing about being a natural hair influencer?

Hearing that my content has inspired someone else to start their natural hair journey.

What was your last Instagram post?

My first Instagram Reel – I was removing my braids and thought why not have fun with it. I definitely plan to do more now I've had a taste.

Who’s your hair crush?

Anyone with healthy hair to be honest, but the first person that comes to mind is Cipriana Quann. Her waist-length 4c curls are some serious hair goals!


In your opinion what makes good social media content?

I love content that inspires me to create or become my best self. It's all about having fun and not taking social media too seriously.

What hair and beauty product do you wish you could invent?

For hair I would create a product that makes wash-day take less than one hour. When it comes to beauty, I need a product that takes off my make-up and leaves it feeling like I've just done a sheet mask.

Go-to hairstyle?

Protective styling is everything! But I’m rethinking my big chop again.


What’s your go-to protective style?

I'm at a stage where I'm discovering so many different fun ways to rock protective styles. I love crochet because it's not too damaging on my natural hair.

What's your curl-saving item?

Conditioner. It's my go-to for detangling, moisturising and even making a spritz. A good conditioner with good slip is a multi-use product.

What’s the longest hairstyle you’ve sat in the salon chair for?

Knotless box braids! I had to blow-dry my hair first and, whew, that took a while. Then I had to have the braids done which were quite small.


Why do you love crochet styles?

It saves so much time and is super easy to install. You still get the same bomb look and protection of your natural hair.

What product would you take to a desert island?

A moisturising deep conditioner. My hair feels so revitalised and soft after using it and I can't imagine not having it on wash-day.

Any hair dramas you can share?

When I had faux locs installed I was in the chair for hours and almost missed the last train home. I had no idea of the wrapping technique involved, but nevertheless loved the end result.

Want to get involved?

Let’s squad up! Fancying being featured on Spell Beauty socials? It’s so easy to join in on the fun. Simply snap a pic of you wearing your Spell Beauty purchase and tag @SpellBeautyUK for a repost #simples.

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