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Silk presses have come back into fashion thanks to social media showing the glossy results on natural hair. What's different this time round are the products used to protect the hair and hairdressers' knowledge when it comes to preventing heat damage and retaining a natural curl pattern, which is so important for curly haired women.

South London salon, Elite Hair Lounge, specialise in this technique and you only have to head over to @elitehairlounge to see the stunning results. We talk to the salon owner Talisha Cox to get the 411 on this thermal method of styling.

What is a Silk Press?

It’s an upgraded version of a traditional press where oven tongs or a hot comb are used to press the hair. Back in the day a lot of grease was used in that made the hair heavy and limp. Today, straighteners are used and a minimal amount of product. No chemicals are involved too.


What are the results?

Light, silky, straight hair that mimics relaxed hair - although we are usually told it feels and looks better than when clients’ hair use to be relaxed! It lasts until the hair is washed provided that hair is wrapped at night using a silk or satin head scarf, water-based products are avoided and the hair doesn’t get wet.


What textures is it best suited?

It's suited to all natural textures but I’d recommend it more to those that's have medium to thick hair strands.  I have found that fine hair reverts a lot quicker and is the most likely to get heat damage with regular silk press services.


Does it run the risk of heat damage?

Those with fine textures run the risk of heat damage over time, but for medium to thick hair it’s ok. In some cases, when the hair is silk pressed too often, the curl pattern can change but this is what we call heat-trained hair rather than damage because the hair can still be very much healthy with regular treatments and trims. Heat-trained hair means the hair will stay straighter for longer as it is resistant to humidity. A one-off press will not cause damage and the hair will return to normal after washing. A silk press is best suited to those who chose to go natural for the body and health of the hair over their relaxed hair.


Can it be carried out at home or is this a salon-only service?

This is definitely a salon a service as the heat used requires a professional stylist. If you do this at home you run the risk of heat damage and will not end up with that amazing silky finish.


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