Logo design braids and canerows. Yasss please!

From hearts to flowers, these intricate designs are the art of the hair world... paint a picture with your braids!


Logo braids have us tapping the ‘Like’ button on all social media platforms. The intricate designs are a fun way of pushing the braid boundaries. So far, the logo leading the way are hearts. Suitable for kids and adults, the cutesy design can be showcased big or small. The designs can be incorporated into single plaits or freshly laid canerows, and with proper care and maintenance will last up to two weeks.    

“There are no rules for logo braids,” says Spell Magazine Jemima Cousins. “It all about expressing your creativity. If you don’t get it right the first time, unravel and try again.”

Other logos on the rise are swirls, flowers and even butterflies. If you give the trend whirl, be sure to tag us on @spellmagazine for a feature in our gallery.

Good luck!

Videos to watch to get the look

Kids heart braid  


Heart Bantu knots by Kersti Pitre

Butterfly braids

Gallery of styles

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