Lena Waithe series "Girls Room" helps build self esteem in young girls

Dove Self-Esteem Project has collaborated with actress Lena Waithe to launch a new mini must-watch series all about confidence


Girls Room is a new five-episode scripted series which tackles the pain and power of female adolescence through the eyes of a group of 5 girls as they face the challenges of growing up in today’s social media world.

Emmy award-winning writer, producer and actor Lena Waithe breaks it down further with this statement:

The series is based around those moments spent in bathrooms – the ‘Girls Room’ – an everyday space, a space where we experiment with our appearance and shape our sense of self but also a place of vulnerability, where we come face to face with the mirror, the weigh scales and our insecurities. The series follows each character from the school bathroom back home to their individual bathrooms where they confront barriers to self-esteem that teen girls are facing every day, from the pressures of social media, teasing and bullying to dealing with body dissatisfaction. The content is based on the Dove Self-Esteem Project’s academically validated research into body image and was co-created with academic experts from the Centre of Appearance Research at the University of the West of England, to ensure educational impact – and brought to life by the voice of Lena Waithe. Girls Room is produced by Dove, Unilever Entertainment, and ATTN: in partnership with Hillman Grad, Lena Waithe’s production company, and is directed by Tiffany Johnson. BBH, a leading creative agency, co-created the idea for the series and serve as Executive Producers.

Each episode tackles a subject relating to self-esteem (bullying, social media, body image etc) and aims to positively impact the self-esteem and confidence of young women and create positives attitudes and behaviours.

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