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Like any other girl out there I enjoy having those Sundays where everything is about me.The bath bomb infused bubble bath, the nail care, hair mask, face mask kinda Sunday. I can’t help it. It makes me feel like I’ve got it together, and the week ahead's got nothing on me.

So, the last few Sundays I tried 4 Korean sheet masks - so you don’t have to.

For a little background, I have dry sensitive skin, with a little bit of an oily nose. I generally only enjoy sheet masks; peel-offs make my skin scream in anger and I will end up with a red burned face for week - yes that has happened before (always do a patch test). So I was more than happy to try out a few new masks in addition to my all-time favourite - the Garnier Moister bomb the pomegranate sheet mask. This mask is affordable, it makes my skin glow for a whole week and I can’t get enough of it. That being said, I was excited for some new moisturising goodness to be on my face.

I am an expectant person. I expect things to do what they say and I get very disappointed when they don’t. So for these masks, all I wanted was a magical formula where my pores would disappear, my spots would be gone, and I would look like a glowing goddess by the end of it. Expectations aren't too high, right? Jokes aside, when I use a mask I expect it to make me glowy and hydrated, so much so that the next day will be the perfect make-up day. Keep scrolling down to see if I was right or not.

Power 10 Formula-Mask Sheet (£6.50)

Power 10 Formula-Mask Sheet (£6.50)

This was my first experience with a Korean face mask. I had heard nothing but good things, and knowing that the beauty trend in Korea is 'glowy skin' I was ready to look like a K-pop star - except here I look like a millennial zombie.  

As per the instructions, I cleansed and toned my skin so it was squeaky clean, and proceeded to apply this mask.

First thing I noticed, like in most sheet masks, is that it was drenched is oils and serums.  My hopes skyrocketed at this moment - nothing better than a hydration bomb for us dry-skinned gals, but as time passed – a recommended 15 to 20 minutes, for me 20 - I started to feel like the mask was drying out around the edges of my face.

Two things could be happening here: either this mask is so good and my face is absorbing all this moisture and goodness, or it just evaporated. Considering the later possibility, I tried the mask during a heat wave, so it could have been possible.

Once 20 minutes passed and I removed this mask, my skin felt good. There was a lot of serum left on my face, mostly on my T-zone, so I massaged it in and waited it for it to dry. At this point I don’t know if I did something wrong. My face was a tacky mess. I looked oily, greasy, and sticky. However, I decided to wait for the next morning to form an opinion.

I woke up with a brand new little friend on my cheek - I never get those - and an oily forehead – hello, have I mentioned I have dry skin? Thought so.

Would I use this mask again? No, the experience was okay but the aftermath was not, my skin was upset and confused and so was I.

Would I recommend this mask? Maybe, if your skin is so dry that it’s cracking, maybe this would work for you. Perhaps not if you have sensitive skin.

Get this mask here: https://www.beautybay.com/p/its-skin/its-skin-power-10-formula-mask-sheet-gf/

Maskorea - Instant Glow Sheet Mask (£7.99)

Maskorea - Instant Glow Sheet Mask (£7.99)

This was the second mask I tried, and it was a whole experience itself. Not only does this come with a sheet mask, but a pre-cleanser and a night cream! I have never seen a mask so complete, and I was more than pleased.

A thousand-step skin care routine is not for me. I'm organised, but I don't want to waste my time with a two-hour skin care routine. So, to hear that this mask takes around 40 minutes with three steps - count me in! Especially if I can incorporate it into my Sunday pampering day.

After cleansing with the included cleanser. My face has never been so clean. It might not seem much product when you open it up, but it bubbles pretty quickly when you massage it onto your face.

Following this, I applied the mask. It clings to your face so well. This was my favourite bit - face masks can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to binge your favourite Netflix show, however this one was transparent and very malleable which made wearing almost impossible to feel.

After removing it, I applied the night cream (mixing it with the leftover serum of the mask, asrecommended). My skin never felt so moisturised. This might be my new favourite mask. The next day my nose (this is usually very hard to apply makeup on) was as soft as ever, and my skin was feeling healthy and rejuvenated. I loved it.

Would I use this mask again? Heck yeah, once a week should do the trick.

Would I recommend this mask? To my dry skin gals, yes! For oily skin, probably not.

Get it here: https://www.lookfantastic.com/maskorea-instant-glow-sheet-mask/11465870.html

STARSKIN VIP Cream De La Crème (£13.00)

If I thought the last mask was my favourite, I was wrong. Spoiler alert, this is the best mask I have ever tried. But for very different reasons than the last one.

This is a moisturiser mask. Instead of the usual serums and oils, this mask has actual moisturiser in the sheet. And that is what separates it from the others.

It's fairly easy to apply. What got me first was the scent - this mask smells edible. This might be a negative when it comes to extra sensitive skin, but I had no reaction, which is a plus.

15 minutes later, I removed the mask. The trick is to massage the leftover moisturiser into your skin. Unlike the other masks, this didn’t leave my skin feeling tacky or sticky but refreshed and soft. Perfect to apply make-up straight after.

This mask claims to “diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”, ss well as “combat wrinkles and discolorations”. And I did feel like this was the case. My smile lines appeared less predominant after using this mask. The shea butter helped my skin feel soft and more rejuvenated.

Would I use this mask again? Yes! Probably in the morning, as it makes skin soft and ready for the perfect make-up day.

Would I recommend this mask? Yes! Even for oily skin, I feel like this mask would work for all skin types.

Get it here: https://www.beautybay.com/p/starskin/cream-de-la-creme-age-perfecting-luxury-cream-coating-face-mask/

STARSKIN Pamper Duo (£10.50)

This was the mask I was most looking forward to using. This pampering duo from STARSKIN comes with both a face mask and a hand mask. Like my skin, my hands are also incredibly dry so I moisturise them around 3 to 4 times a day. The feeling of dry hands drives me crazy!

The total prep and use time of this mask is around 30 to 40 minutes. After cleansing, I proceeded to apply the face mask as usual; however, this one was slightly different to the other masks. It's made of a gauze material that had little holes in, and it felt cold and very wet, not like you'd expect a mask to feel - almost like my face was outside in the cold rain.

The hand mask was interesting to say the least: two gloves with wrist adjustments - they felt squishy and exactly like dipping my hands into a moisturiser pot!

Sadly, this wasn’t my favourite duo. The face mask felt too cold and uncomfortable, - I want to feel relaxed during my pampering days, but this made me feel cold, wet, and wishing for the 20 minutes to be over. Afterwards my face felt sticky but moisturised, and soft but not soft enough. This felt almost too rich.

The hand mask is a whole other story. Although my fingers became pruney, there was enough moisturiser to spread to my arms. After the moisturiser dried, my hands felt incredible and my cuticles looked nice and healthy.

Would I use this duo again? No, I would purchase the hand set again. Once a week should do the trick for healthy-looking, soft hands. No matter what the result of the face mask was, it was not worth feeling uncomfortable for 20 minutes. Was my skin moisturised? Yes, but not overwhelmingly so.

Would I recommend this duo? I'd recommend the hand mask to everyone! I didn’t know how much I needed this until I tried it!

Get it here: https://www.lookfantastic.com/starskin-pamper-duo-pack/11805464.html

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