Is the age of Insta-glam over?

Move over, Insta-glam. The age of unattainable make-up selfies is nigh. Time to ditch the contour, bold brows and dazzling highlighter.

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Don’t get us wrong: self-taught MUAs are slaying the game on Instagram, inspiring us mere mortals with their perfectly blended eyeshadow and fierce brow skills. But it does leave us feeling somewhat inadequate when it takes us five attempts to even out our eyeliner.

Thankfully, things are changing and we’re moving into the realm of what’s being coined ‘anti-glam’. Think fresh-faced, easy beauty that anyone can achieve, whatever their skill set. Yes, it’s the complete opposite of Insta-glam (because, who has twenty minutes to even out their lip-liner?).


Use natural shades that complement your skin tone. Sharon Chuter, founder of Uoma Beauty, says: ‘If you’re a very light-skinned person, I would play with the UOMA Poise Palette for earthy neutrals. If you have an olive skin tone, try the Allure palette, which has two pink and burgundy shades I love called Romantic and Love. For dark skin, I would still use the Poise Palette but move into the Feminist, Mother and Eja shades to keep it nice and neutral.’

Uoma Allure Palette


Farah Naz, founder of Ex1 Cosmetics, recommends choosing a foundation that looks and feels like your own skin: ‘Pick a formula that’s strong enough to cover redness and blemishes but is light enough to let the rest of your skin show through, she says. ‘Getting a seamless colour match is also key; you can get away with using a lot less product as you don’t have to obsess about blending down to the neck as much.’

Ex1 Cosmetics Foundation


To finish your base, dewy skin maestro Pat McGrath says: ‘A touch of highlight on the cheekbone goes a long way toward achieving an angelic glow, but if you want to add scintillating shine, you can use a metallic pigment. Start softly with a gentle wash and then build it in layers to keep it from taking over your face.’

Pat Mcgrath highlighter


Bobbi Brown is a fan of her own tinted balms: ‘They’re the best of both worlds, providing a hint of colour without making your lips look thinner like a matte would. Swipe it on and then use a matching liner to fill in gaps and add definition. Your lips are what they are – go with them!’ Sound advice, Bobbi!

Bobbi Brown Lip Tint

Celebrities working the anti-glam look

These days, influencers are celebrities and celebrities are influencers. But if we're talking about 'traditional' celebrities, it's unlikely you'll see a full face of Insta-fabulous make-up, unless they've been glammed up by a make-up artist, or they have a passion for make-up themselves. The likes of Zoe Kravitz are too busy working on their craft to take a hundred selfies and carefully edit them until they're just right. They're nailing anti-glam, and we're here for it.

Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz
Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

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