Instagram trends that need to end

Ever get bored of seeing the same old posts on your Instagram feed, over and over again? Let's talk about the trends that need to end.


So, your life doesn't look like an influencer's Instagram profile. That's a good thing in our books. We're tired of seeing the same old overused trends pop up on our feeds - and with Instagram preparing to hide likes in the UK, maybe we'll start to see a bit more originality on the 'Gram.

With that said, let's look at the trends that we hope to see magically disappear!

Spenny brunches

Yes, that new floral themed cafe might look pretty. But let’s face it, you’re essentially paying £20 for a cake and coffee just so you can take a picture of it.

Over-grammed holiday hotspots

Hands up if you’ve ever booked a holiday because of social media envy? Instead of trying to get that perfectly posed Bali swing shot, why not explore a destination that you haven’t heard about through a travel blogger?

Curated wardrobes

So, you may not have a rail in your bedroom displaying a hand-picked selection of this season’s pieces. Don’t worry. That floordrobe works just as well.

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