Improve your mental well-being with these useful tools

Self care day? Here are four feel good additions to your routine, from red light therapy to Michelle Williams' new book.

Red light therapy

REDjuvenate Medical Whole Body Red Light Therapy, from £85

Red light therapy has a whole host of mental and physical benefits, including boosting energy levels, enhancing sleep quality and skin rejuvenation. It involves laying down in a sun bed-like machine for just 15 minutes - which means it could easily fit into your lunch break! The treatment uses low-level lasers and LEDs that have no potentially harmful effects on the skin or clothing.

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Black Minds Matter

Black Minds Matter aims to connect black people with free mental health services across the UK and help remove the stigma against mental health issues in the community.

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The Positive Day Planner

I Love Myself 21-Day Planner, £10

Not only can planning clear your head of a busy schedule filled with all sorts of tasks and appointments, this particular planner is also filled with affirmations to help you become more mindful, present and grateful.

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Checking In by Michelle Williams

Checking In by Michelle Williams, £9.99

The former Destiny's Child member has published her debut book, which tells the story of her battle with depression and the lessons she learned about prioritising mental health.

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