'I feel like a super mum (without the cape)'

Full-time worker and mum of four, Zenovia Grant, reveals to Spell Magazine how lockdown life has transformed her for the better


Whew chile' *wipes brow*

Being propelled into a self-isolated world, living on the bare essentials with limited access to fresh air time has been a real test of strength: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I’m a full-time working mum of four. If that wasn’t hard enough, being on lockdown has meant juggling a hectic workload (as I work for the local government) with the added pressures of home-schooling FOUR children (15yrs, 9yrs, 8yrs and 10mnths). Oh, along with the day-to-day mummy duties of cooking, cleaning and washing. Fun times – not!

Zenovia Grant

Super mum

Week 5 and at this point I can only describe that I feel like a super mum (without the cape). We have stayed busy not just with home learning and daily scouts activities but primarily with learning each other. We have laughed, bonded, built new relationships with each other, learnt each other’s different personalities (children's change daily) and reconnected on a whole new level of love. Who knew that you could live in the same space day in day out, yet somehow miss out on some of the smallest most beautiful parts of the very people you love. I have literally questioned how present has my presence really been!

"I’ve started to put aside my excuses that I have no time to invest in myself."

I’ve gone through a wave of emotions. Feeling as though I’m caught in episode seven of The Walking Dead ('zombie apocalypse' did someone say!), I’ve felt strong, yet weak and at times vulnerable. So much so all the days have become one big blur: Mon-ues-nes-ur-ri-sat-unday!

Doing me

During this time I have experienced loss. Some I knew personally and loved dearly and some were connected to others I love. The time of sadness and discomfort has brought around personal growth. I’ve started to put aside my excuses that I have no time to invest in myself.

I lifted my spirits by filming a #dontrushchallenge which made me feel ah-mazing! I have picked up that book I wanted to finish, I have dusted off my laptop and started empowering women and finished the odd jobs (or 10) around the house that I seemed to always start yet never complete. I started to work out physically and mentally. For the latter, I detoxed my social media accounts by unfollowing pages that don't meet my values.

Living through these uncertain and unpredictable times show the importance of living in your own truth. Life is such a blessing. It’s special. The relationships we have with people, the conversations and connections we build through our life time at this precise moment, those have all become so much more important and our only focus. We can't touch the ones we love, hold or hug the ones we care for and social distancing has left us feeling even distant from ourselves.

2020 has certainly put us through some tests; individually, as family and a nation. Moving forward I will ensure:

  • To keep knowing me
  • Honouring my blessings in life
  • Shaking loose the many excuses
  • Work more on stepping forward into living my true potential

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