How to wear pink hair (you can do it!)

As we see more celebs & influencers join the pink side, hairdresser Jessica Patching answers questions about turning your locks blush.

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‍What hair type / colour is best suited to going pink? ‍

Pink hair is best suited to lighter hair types if you want to achieve a softer more pastel tone. Dark hair will always work too once pre-lightened, however on this hair type you may not be able to achieve the light pastel shades.

Pink hair

What is the best way to achieve pink hair if you’re hair is naturally dark?‍

Pink hair is best achieved once the hair has been pre-lightened using bleach. Lighter hair types will get there easier, while darker hair will need longer to process and possibly two applications.

Pink hair

Does going pink damage your hair? ‍

Before going pink your hair needs to be in good condition. Using bleach can dry your hair out so we also recommend using a product such as Olaplex to help with keeping your hair condition maintained through out the process. As long as you look after your hair in the correct way and your stylist has used the products in the right way, going pink won’t damage your hair.

Pink Hair

What should I ask my hairdresser specifically for?‍

If you’re thinking of going pink then I would suggest picking your shade/tone you want to achieve, and have a detailed chat with your hairdresser about what they think is achievable. Darker, more vivid pinks may work better on darker heads of hair, whereas lighter pastel shades will be great for those mega blondies.

Pink hair

Can you dye your extensions to match pink hair? ‍

Yes! You can definitely have pink hair extensions to match. We would do this by using blonde hair extensions and, once the application is complete, we would tone all together to achieve fabulous pink hair.

Pink hair

How can I maintain pink hair at home? ‍

Using colour-save sulphate free shampoos and conditioners is always recommended. We absolutely love Oway Marla Hair. It's vegan friendly and a super sustainable brand! Then depending on how often you wash your hair you will need to top the colour up. You may choose to do this at home with a semi permanent toner. There are lots on the market. Bleach London do some fantastic options. Or, visit your salon and they can tone and treat your hair for you as and when the colour fades. Remember, it will always fade due to the type of colour and technique needed to achieve it.

Pink hair

How long does pink hair last? How often will I need to see my hairdresser?

It really depends on the after care and products you use, how often you wash your hair, what intensity level of pink you have gone for and also your hair type.

Pink hair

Why is pink hair a trend at the moment?

It’s something new and summery! We have been seeing a lot of bright and pastel colours in fashion, so why not with your hair too?

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