How to tailor your beauty routine to combat January blues

Press reset on your body and mind by incorporating these spiritually-led hair and beauty brands into your daily routine

Hair & Beauty

Plummeting outdoor temperatures and a post-party-season bulge can leave the best of us feeling flat in January. But what if you could lift your spirits and bolster your self-care efforts with a simple overhaul of your hair and beauty regime?

Products that nourish both the body and mind are the perfect remedy for hectic modern lifestyles. We saw a number of rebalancing beauty wonders hitting the mainstream last year. From those based on 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic principles to others harnessing the healing power of quartz crystals, many brands are now marrying cosmetics with spirituality – placing the focus on the person as a whole and treating the inside and out as one.

It’s no secret that the mind-body connection is extremely powerful. Our skin and hair complaints can have a detrimental effect on our confidence while stress can trigger and aggravate conditions such as acne, dehydration and excess oil production.

Experts believe that slowing our beauty routines down and turning them into mindful rituals can provide a range of benefits. When our body and mind feel out of sync, taking time out to create an indulgent routine can help us rebalance and reconnect. What’s more, using moodboosting products that target our own specific concerns can do wonders for our health and mindset. We like to think of it as next level self-care.

Here are some key brands that promise to help nurture a harmonious connection between your mind, body and soul. So take a deep breath and keep an open mind – they might just change your life…


Personal choice

British haircare range CHĀMPO uses Ayurvedic doshas, which are determined by our own individual physical, emotional, mental and social characteristics, to prescribe personalised haircare rituals. Much like star signs, doshas are dominated by a different element and there are three possibilities – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. You can find your dosha via the brand’s online quiz to root out the shampoo and conditioner most suited to your hair type.


A beautiful mind

Spiritually-led skincare brand ADARCI believes the relationship between nutrition, well-being and beauty should be harmonious. For this reason, every ingredient in its range is carefully selected. With a focus on the effects stress can impose on the skin, its Rich Clarity Cleanser, Radiance Enhancing Exfoliator and Intrinsic Glow Moisturiser can be used together to create a mindful and spiritual ritual that calms the mind while soothing an overworked complexion.

Crystal Clear

Good vibrations

From uplifting body washes to relaxing massage oils, CRYSTAL CLEAR’s products are infused with clear quartz crystals that release vibrational energy as soon as you use them. This can help balance and increase our energy levels while offering mood-lifting and calming benefits to improve our physical and spiritual wellbeing. Its Quartz Spa range offers products in three blends – Happiness, Hope and Energise – to create a positive bodycare experience that enhances your overall mood.


Over the moon

With a focus on caring for the planet, OWAY’s organic and biodynamic haircare works in harmony with the cosmos. We already know that the moon determines the ebb and flow of the tides. But according to the brand’s research, the lunar cycle can also affect hair growth. During phase one, The Waxing Moon, we should be recharging the hair with moisturising and fortifying ingredients. While the second phase, The Waning Moon, calls for soothing and purifying strategies that allow the scalp to rest. Choose from the brand’s comprehensive range to create your ultimate monthly hair ritual.


Beauty ritual

Based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, The Ritual of Ayurveda range by RITUALS combines home and body care products that promise to help us reconnect and find balance. The range is based on Ayurvedic doshas and you can choose from a selection of tea, skincare products and fragrance to create your own personalised 45-minute four-step ritual, leading to renewed energy and improved wellbeing.

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