How to pack light

Keep under that weight limit with our light packing tips!

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Some people may have got packing down to a fine art, but then there are those of us who always overcompensate. Because who doesn’t need seven pairs of shoes, five handbags and a jacket for every weather eventuality? If you can relate, here are some tips to take on board the next time you travel...

‍Foldable Shoes by Butterfly Twists, £42

Be smart about your shoes

Plan your outfits carefully and try to pack shoes that go with lots of different looks. Flip-flops are the perfect casual and beach day shoe - and one pair of black or nude heels is usually enough. You can also buy flat shoes that roll up to save space; Butterfly Twists make practical and stylish options, which are also comfy! If you can, wear your heaviest or bulkiest shoes on the plane. That goes for clothes, too.

‍Clear Bag Travel Set by Tiger, £5

Decant your toileteries

Get your hands on some empty travel size bottles and decant your toiletries, skincare and make-up. Not only will this save precious space, but you’ll also be able to take all your favourite products without going over the 100ml liquid allowance.

Never take your entire toiletry bag - only bring what you’ll definitely use. For example, sunscreen is a must but you can probably forego that glittery eyeliner you think you might wear.

‍Blended Mint Weekend Bag by TK Maxx, £29.99

Choose a lightweight suitcase

Your suitcase takes up a decent amount of weight, so if you can find a lighter option then go for it. Soft suitcases, duffel bags and large backpacks are great options. Just note that they may not be as sturdy or secure as hard shell suitcases, so be sure to take extra precautions.

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