How to nail wearing make-up with glasses

While suiting make-up around glasses can often be tricky, we've got some super simple tips to ensure a flawless look.

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To help eyes stand out, it is best to use light, neutral toned eye shadows to avoid eyes looking heavy underglasses. For those who prefer a powder eyeshadow, try Mavala’s Satin Eyelid Powder in 08 Beige Satin for a neutral soft brown or 06 Rose Tendre for a delicate, pink shade.

Using Mavala’s Eyelash Curler (£9.70) to curl lashes will make a large difference in any make-up look and prevent eyelashes from touching the lenses of glasses. Lifting the top eyelashes will also open the appearance of the eyes and make them appear brighter without unwanted mascara smudges.

Another tip to help eyelashes stand out is to focus on the roots. Apply one coat of mascara from root to tip as normal and follow with a second coat just on the roots; this will allow a lift straight from the base of the eyelash. For those who suffer with weak or short eyelashes, Mavala’s Double-Lash (£15.50) strengthens and protects each individual eyelash, resulting in fuller and healthier lashes.

To balance any eye look, eyeliner can be a huge comfort to glasses wearers as it defines shape. It is sometimes recommended to match the thickness of the glasses frame with the eyeliner to create even symmetry. With lots of colours to choose from, users can experiment with bright colours to make eyes pop such as Mavala’s Eye-Lite Eyeliner in Bleu or OrGlamour.


It is a misconception that glasses wearers should skip concealer as the frames will cover under-eyes. In fact, the shadows created by the glasses can make this worse, so it is important to counteract this with a concealer which is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Using the concealer to brighten the eyelid will also make a huge difference to create a fresher appearance. Mavala’s Concealer (£14.70) is water resistant and provides a flawless application.

For those looking to stand out with their make-up look, pairing a daring lip with glasses can create a bold statement. Mavala’s new Classy Collection is filled with rich reds, from the bright Collector Red to the darker Noble Burgundy. Alternatively, users can opt for a softer, Antique Rose if they prefer a subtle make-up look with focus on the eyes.

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