How to make Black Pound Day more than a 24 hour gimmick

Discover platform Jamii is helping to bridge the gap between shoppers and the best of the best Black British brands and businesses


Black Pound Day is the monthly initiative designed to encourage consumers to buy from black-owned businesses. Founded by British rapper Swiss, a member of the So Solid Crew, what began as a social media movement has spawned into a highly profitable consumer event. Since the launch of the movement, Black businesses have reported of a 430% increase in sales. Some have even revealed that, thanks to #BPD, they have sold more products in 24 hours than they have in the lifetime of their business.


To keep the momentum Jamii is on a mission to make shopping for black-owned brands as seamless and instinctive as shopping for food. After all, why do we have to wait for one day in the month to buy Black?

Launched in August 2016, the discovery platform is a directory opening the floodgates to the best of independent Black-owned businesses in the UK.


This month, Jamii has created a pop-up store at BoxPark Shoreditch to increase the visibility for black-owned businesses, services and initiatives. The store will be open from Wednesday 5 - Sunday 9 August 2020 and will feature a curated selection of 20 Black British brands relating to food, hair & beauty and lifestyle.

Khalia Ismain
Khalia Ismain

Founder Khalia Ismain says: “I’ve long been passionate about how important it is to make Black-owned brands as convenient to shop as any other alternative. Bringing so many incredible products together, in such a great location as Box Park Shoreditch, is a fantastic chance to increase visibility and accessibility for Black businesses, as well as removing many of the barriers that prohibit customers from discovering them.”

To find out more or sign up to the Jamii discount card where shoppers can save up to 40 per cent, click here.

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