How to keep your nails up to scratch

There's an art to filing your nails - the team at Naio Nails have put together a guide to help you keep yours in the best shape.

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Are you suffering from brittle or broken nails? It could be down to how you file them! When we give ourselves a manicure, the aim is to create strong, long and healthy nails, but often this can be the very thing that causes them damage. Filing your nails might sound simple, but there are a few important things to remember when it comes to doing it right. Want to learn exactly how to file nails properly like a pro?

The team at Naio Nails have put together a guide on how to file your nails without damaging your natural nail, get them into your desired shape in the safest way possible.

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How to file your nails the safe way

Do you find your nails break easily? It could be down to the way you file your nails, filing sounds like a simple task but there is a lot of technique to it, to ensure that your nails stay healthy throughout the process.

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Choose the Right Nail File

When it comes to nail files, it’s crucial to look at the grade grit, especially for natural nails. The lower the grit number, the courser the file is. For natural nails, you need a finer grit grade – around 240 is a good choice for shaping natural nails, any lower than 180 could put you at risk of nail damage.

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Stop Sawing

Stop sawing! The number one thing people get wrong is filing their nail file back and forth against their nail in a sawing motion. This might feel like the quickest method but it’s counterproductive to getting strong, healthy nails because it causes splitting and damage to the tips, ultimately resulting in breakage and splitting of the nail. Instead, you should file each side separately in one direction.

Remove Any Snagged Edges

And finally, once you’ve finished, if you find you have some nail filings still attached or edges you need to smooth out, you can remove these by placing the tip of your nail file underneath the nail and flicking it in an upwards motion.

How to file in shape...

For a square shape:

  1. If you’re cutting your nails first, opt for nail clippers with a straight edge, rather than a slight curve, as this will help with getting that true square shape just right.
  2. Ignoring the sides of your nails, file in one direction across the top of your nail until you get to your desired length.
  3. To make sure you get a neat square, keep the nail file perpendicular to your nail, making sure it isn’t tilted underneath or over the tip of the nail.
  4. If you need to, you can very lightly file the sides to smooth them, but be careful not to ruin the square and end up with a squoval shape.

Oval or round shape:

  1. Similarly to square nails, keep the sides of your nails straight up to your desired length.
  2. Take your file and gently round off only the top corners of each side, aiming for the same width as the bottom of your nails at the cuticle.
  3. You should be left with a round nail shape with the top symmetrical to the bottom.

Remember to treat your nails with some cuticle oil when you’re done!

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