How to create homemade rose water

A girl can never have too many roses, so now is the perfect excuse to buy yourself a bunch all in the name of haircare.

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Did you know that rose water is a hair growth elixir, and was used by Cleopatra in baths paired with goat's milk and honey? Don't believe us? read our blog post all about the hair benefits and history of rose water here.

If you're already clued up on how rose water can help you in your quest for lusciously long locks, and want to make you own formula, folllow our instructions below.

1. Pick your petals

Pluck a bunch of petals for your rose water batch – around ½ a cup is sufficient. Tip: Damask roses have a high component of essential oils.

2. Soak

Prepare a pot with distilled water and submerge the petals in the pot. Make sure the roses are clean by removing any debris or dirt first.

3. Brew to bring out the benefits

Place the pot on your cooker and leave petals to brew for around 15- 30 minutes. The colour will start to seep away from the rose petals. When they’re colourless, turn the hob off and cool.

4. Strain and store

Once cool, use a strainer to separate the petals from your rose water. Discard of the petals and store your rose water a spray bottle. Store in the fridge and use for up to four weeks.

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