How to apply liquid lipstick like a pro

Dry lips? Wobbly application? We've got you covered...

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Liquid lipstick is probably the most quintessentially millennial beauty product there is. A key component of the “Insta-beauty” aesthetic, there’s rarely a selfie seen without it. And for good reason – delivering a velvety, camera-ready matte finish that does. not. budge. It certainly leaves the humble lipstick in the shadows. But it doesn’t come without its flaws. Making our lips dry as sandpaper for one. Being notoriously fiddly to apply is another. Follow these simple steps to mastering yours.

1. Prep is key 

Give the delicate skin on your lips an all-important moisture fix so that they won’t feel tight and parched when you eventually apply that pigment. We’ve been addicted to WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil (£14.96, which doesn’t have the stickiness of a balm and gets absorbed in speedy fashion. It’s also packed with nutrients your chapped winter lips will love. Leave to absorb for a few minutes.

2. Outline your lips first 

Most liquid lipsticks have a oblong sponge applicator which doesn’t make for precise application. Define your lip line will ensure the liquid colour doesn’t bleed over the edges. NYX Professional Makeup do a great range that won’t break the bank (£3 Boots). Choose a colour that’s similar to your liquid lipstick, draw around the lips taking care not to go over the lip line.


3. Apply the colour a little at a time 

Now it’s time to apply the liquid lipstick. Our current weapon of choice is Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (£16 in ‘Patina’ the prettiest, most flattering pink you ever beheld, or flame-red ‘Tesoro’ for a classic killer rouge. There will probably be a lot of product on the applicator wand, so (like you do with nail polish), sweep some of the excess off inside the neck of the tube. Applying a small amount at a time will ensure it goes on precisely and evenly. Start in the centre of the mouth and work your way out, dabbing in small strokes. Apply a second coat if needed.

Admire your handiwork in the mirror and perfect your best selfie pose…

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