How the circular beauty movement is reducing waste

The new circular beauty movement encourages you to change your habits, do your bit for the planet - and look good in the meantime

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While we recycle 90 per cent of our kitchen waste in the UK, only half of us are recycling what we use in the bathroom. But even if you aren’t guilty of dumping product empties in your general waste bin, there is another way to become even less, well, wasteful. Enter Circular Beauty, the latest sustainable beauty trend that sees eco-conscious manufacturers repurposing rubbish to create greener products. From gnarly carrots to waste paper, these days one person’s trash is very much another person’s treasure. Now this is one way of tackling the war on waste that we can really get on board with…

Lush Dream Cream


Made from polypropylene plastic that isn’t widely recycled by councils, customers can return their empty black Lush pots to the store, which are then sent to a Green Hub in Dorset to be cleaned, shredded and made into pellets before being melted and remoulded into new containers for more beauty goodness.

The Body Shop Wonderfully Wonky Banana


It’s no surprise that sustainability stalwart The Body Shop is well behind the circular beauty movement. Their range is full of products that exploit the natural goodness of repurposed waste, such as skincare that uses British carrots too wonky to sell to supermarkets and a body line containing misshaped bananas.

Axiology lipstick


With a mission to help clean up Bali’s littered beaches, Axiology’s packaging is made from recycled paper collected from the island’s schools, hotels and offices. This is then boiled and soaked overnight in an eco-friendly process before being transformed by hand into their signature lipstick boxes.

Montamonta body scrub


East London brand Montamonta works with local cafes to repurpose some of the 500,000 tons of used coffee grounds discarded in the UK each year. Their premium coffee scrubs are formulated by hand, resulting in premium sustainable beauty products that nourish the body while helping to reduce landfill waste across the country.

Face Halo


Reuseable make-up remover Face Halo is already an ethical beauty winner as it can be used in the place of up to 500 disposable wipes. However, the brand’s new upcycling programme takes its sustainability responsibilities one step further: return your old Face Halo and it will be given a brand new lease of life instead of being sent to a UK landfill site.

Upcircle Beauty


Ever think twice about the coffee grounds leftover from your daily latte? Us neither, until we heard about the environmental efforts of UpCircle Beauty. The brand repurposes waste from coffee shops - such as used coffee grounds and brewed chai tea spices – to create face and body scrubs, soaps and serums.

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