How lockdown has affected our hair

Lockdown has affected our hair in more ways than one, from forgoing our salon trips to experiencing dreaded scalp issues.

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As we navigate through lockdowns and tiers, our hair feels just as tired and confused as we do. Not only were we without our hairdressers (as is still the case for those of us in tier 4), the stress of adjusting to a new routine has meant that our hair has suffered in the process.

New research by the hair and trichology experts at Philip Kingsley has revealed that the pandemic has taken a measurable toll on our tresses - especially our scalps. The research reveals that four out of five Brits have experience COVID-related scalp issues. That's on top of the scalp issues that many people experience during winter: dryness, flaking and itchiness are just three common symptoms.

According to the brand, 16% of Brits had said their scalps had become more problematic, and 42% of the population felt self-conscious about their scalp issues. 33% felt embarrassed and 22% feeling frustrated. Overall, it's clear that hair and scalp issues aren't just something we can ignore!

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The causes of hair and scalp issues during lockdown

Central heating

Although we may be allowed out to exercise and do our weekly shops, many of us aren't undertaking our usual commute or going out to see friends. Instead, we're spending more time inside where, especially at this time of year, the central heating is cranked up. This unfortunately can suck moisture from the air, and from our hair and scalps, resulting in dryness.

Lack of routine

Maybe you're leaving it a day or two more between washes, or maybe you're not going the whole hog with your products because you don't feel the need anymore. Whatever the reason, a lack of routine can leave hair feeling all over the place.

Product availability

We know that more people are shopping online during lockdown. Unfortunately, that means that many of our favourite products are sold out, meaning that we have to settle for whatever's left at the back of the bathroom cupboard (or tuck into our hotel freebies).

How to get your lockdown hair in check

Take advantage of salon visits while you can...

...and if you're able. As always, the advice is to stay safe! However, if you are able to attend an appointment with your stylist, you may want to ask if they can offer you a hair and scalp treatment alongside your normal appointment, so that you can get ahead of your haircare. It may also be worth asking them which products/brands they recommend for your hair type and haircare needs.

Use a dedicated scalp care product

If you're worried about a dry, itchy or flaky scalp, don't ignore it and hope that it'll go away (it may take longer than you think!). Using a scrub, medicated shampoo, or a scalp mask may help to alleviate your symptoms. The Flaky/Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Mask from Philip Kingsley is ideal for this purpose.

Don't opt for any drastic changes

So far, we've seen all sorts of crazy hair shades emerging over lockdown. And while we applaud the confidence of those who go for a big change in hair colour, it can be problematic if you've got existing scalp or hair issues. Treat your condition first, then head over to your hair salon to get it done right!

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