Holiday Haircare SOS

So you’re off on your summer hols? Lucky thing, we aren’t jealous at all(!) But before you jet off, have a peep at our haircare guide for tremendous tresses wherever you go.

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A relaxing beach holiday is both the best and the worst at the very same time. If you just want to lie poolside then picking up a chic hat or a fun printed scarf before you fly will be the ultimate beach hair cover-up and protect your mane from UV rays. “Afro hair is particular susceptible to the damaging effects from the sun so take extra precaution if you have a curly or coily hair texture,” says Lorraine Dublin, co-founder of MY HAIR BAR.

Spritz on a little leave-in conditioner to your hair before you hit the lounger to ensure your hair will feel lovely and soft when you retreat back inside.

If you were hoping to do more than just dip your toes in the pool then heed this advice: chlorine is the nemesis to healthy hair and if your hair is chemically-treated then you can bet that it’ll be feeling like straw unless you inject it with some serious moisture post-swim. Now is not the time for co-washing, you need a shampoo that’ll gently remove any lingering chlorine. “For a post-swim treatment apply a deep conditioner, sit with a plastic cap on your hair and allow the extra heat from the sun to give you a nourishing hair treatment,” says Lorraine.

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City Break

If you already live in a city, then you might be a bit perplexed as to why you need advice on haircare on a city break. ‘I live this life 24/7,’ you say. Yes, but assuming you are a regular person and do not check luggage for a short break you won’t be able to bring your whole haircare regime with you due to the liquid regulations. So what are the essentials?

If you’re walking around exploring a new city in the sunshine you really ought to spritz the lengths of your hair with a little heat protectant to stop your locks getting frazzled. If you thought that heat protectant was just for use with tools then your strands have been missing out. A good protectant will see you through sun, fun and heat styling.

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A full day spent discovering new areas and places often involves sun and humidity, so pack a product that will aid the inevitable frizz halo. We love this nourishing oil from LIVING PROOF as it’s a handy travel size.

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Spa Weekend

Ah, a relaxing spa weekend. This is one place you can make your surroundings work for your hair so you don’t have to. Booked in for a massage? Extend it to the head for scalp regeneration and root stimulation (pop your favourite natural oil on before you go in for a personalised experience). Headed for the steam room, great that’s a free steam right there.

Before you go in wash your hair and slather on a deep conditioning mask to lap up the benefits. To truly make the most of the luxuries of the spa finish with a leave-in conditioner and tuck your hair into a high bun - a nice low manipulation style. By the end of your trip your hair will feel just as refreshed as you do.

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Whether you’re on a bike trail, a hike trail or doing watersports, I have two words for you - protective styling. It’s time to whip your hair into braids or twists so you don’t have to worry too much about styling it every day. “If you opt to wear protective styles like braids and twists during the summer, remember to use conditioning sprays and sealing products to keep braids looking neat and well maintained,” says Lorraine.

These styles are great for holidays because the only thing you have to really worry about is hydrating your scalp and roots. “Also ensure you apply a natural oil to the scalp every few days to prevent dry scalp,” Lorraine adds.

Misting your lengths each day will stop your hair from frazzling in the sun. We love this FLORA & CURL Jasmine Hydrating Hair Mist.

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