Here's what you need to create precision partings

An uneven parting can throw an on-fleek hairstyle way off. Get those lines nice and crisp with these tools and tips.

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From geometric to asymmetric, if you want to execute some precision partings then it’s well worth investing in the right tools. Our top recommendation goes to Kent Salon professional handmade combs.

Kent Salon

The impressive flexinite technology means each comb is flexible enough to not break and withstand high temperatures making it perfect for ceramic heat styling and protective styling. Prices start from £10.

Precision partings

Wondering what hairstyle to choose from your precision 'do? Whether it's bantu knots of pigtails, these photos will get you inspired to break out the hair tools:


Feature image photography by Fay Summerfield; Hair by Sheree Angel; Make-up by Hellie Last and Rhian Williams

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