Three summer heatwave hacks

The UK is feeling hot, hot hot. To avoid a complete meltdown, here are three must-haves to keep you looking cool as a cucumber

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Jemima Cousins

That's right. Britain is currently experiencing a blissful Mediterranean heatwave. And rather than b*tch and moan about how hot it is, after all it's the British thing to do, we've lined up three essentials that will make the sauna-like conditions a bit more bearable when it comes to your hair and beauty regime.

Stay frizz-free with confidence

The ghd glide has been an instant hit. Selling out in the first quarter and now restocked, it offers the 'dummies guide' to straightening hair. The paddle style brush literally glides through dry hair producing smooth results. The ioniser eliminates frizz and it's perfect for going over second day hair that needs a top up. Zoe Irwin, ghd UK ambassador says, 'The ghd glide restores the look of a salon blow-dry in seconds. It’s wonderful for soft volume, beautiful sleek styling andI adore it for fringes too. Its beautiful simplicity makes it an incredible . Simply glide the brush through your hair to smooth waves and create sleekness with an airy texture. ghd glide is incredible for shaping your hair into a modern style really simply and quickly.”

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Keep your edges firmly in place come rain or shine

The hair fibre building MS Hair Foundation Kit is an innovative powder compound camouflages sparse edges and grey sprouting roots. Evelyn Nakigudde, co-founder of Ms Hair comments, “We started Ms Hair after noticing an increase in hair loss and traction alopecia amongst our family and friends. After many years of excessive hair styling and poor hair maintenance, many of our loved ones suffered from hair loss, thinning hairlines, and poor hair growth. We couldn’t find any affordable solutions on the high street that provided an immediate improvement to thinning curly and afro-textured hair. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop our own products.” The spray-on applicator works in seconds by dispersing tiny fibres that have a strong static charge to existing hair fibres. By building up the layers that patchy area begins to look lush and full. Best of all, the formula is weatherproof and can therefore withstand rain and high temperatures. The Fixing Spray adds further resistance to humidity, sweat and water.

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Chub Rub. Chafing. Thigh Burn – put an end to it all!

Smoovall is a skin contact spray, as an alternative to talc, vaseline or duct tape to prevent soreness and irritation caused by friction. Ideal for women who wear dresses or tight clothing, the spray forms an invisible & breathable protective layer on your skin to prevent irritation. Mr Ofori, MD and Founder of an Amsterdam-based FMCG start-up, said: “We invented Smoovall because, like so many people, we’ve also tried many so-called solutions. From wearing shorts under skirts to taping our nipples and other delicate parts, to smearing Vaseline and talcum powder all over ourselves. My girlfriend had searched in vain for a solution to thigh chafing and this inspired me to bring to market a product that could prevent this irritation.” The new hands-free spray, lasts for up to four hours per application and is suitable for all skin types, forms an invisible and breathable layer on skin to prevent irritation.

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