Hairstyle focus: Butterfly locs

Brand new to, butterfly locs are easy to install and have plenty of style potential. Here's why you should try them out

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Flutter your way to gorgeous faux Butterfly Locs with the new Urban Locs range! A perfect mix of goddess and passion twists, the deep wave loc has been trending on the socials all year!

Butterfly locs

Butterfly locs are very similar in appearance to distressed locs, with the same, natural-looking, bohemian aesthetic. However, butterfly locs are defined by the delicate loops throughout the locs that bring extra texture and dimension to the look.

Butterfly locs

This eye-catching style protects the hair and scalp by reducing the tension that you would get with other, heavier, protectove styles.

Snap up the look today or explore other textures to nail the look you want.

Each style is made with 100% itch-free and anti-bacteria Premium Syn Fibre. Prices start from £5.99 per pack at

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