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When it comes to your hair, do you still continue using your favourite shampoo even if it does nothing for an on-going scalp issue? If this sounds like you then you’re not alone. Fear not: we’ve hunted down and rooted out some results-driven hair solutions that you probably didn’t even know you needed until now. Get ready for a routine overhaul...

Schwarzkopf 2018 BlondMe Iconic Collection for Salon International
Schwarzkopf BlondMe Iconic Collection for Salon International. Hair by Alex Mendes for Schwarzkopf Professional.


A towel devoted to hair is well worth investing in. Our first choice is AQUIS, a cult haircare brand that has mastered protecting wet hair and drying it up to 50 per cent faster. The secret lies in the fabric, which quite frankly makes the conventional towel look like a relic. The unique woven structure wicks away heavy water molecules that weaken the hair. Ba-bye drip-drying!

AQUIS Hair Towel, £30
AQUIS Hair Towel, £30


If your scalp is prone to regular flareups then this lightweight tonic is for you. Apply directly onto the surface and massage into the hair to nourish and revitalise. The pointed nozzle makes it perfect for getting to hard to reach areas. Meanwhile, the blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree opens up the pores on the scalp to relieve the itchy feeling that is common when wearing protective styles.

DESIGN ESSENTIALS Detoxifying Tonic, £7.96
DESIGN ESSENTIALS Detoxifying Tonic, £7.96

THE 5-IN-1

This multipurpose hair oil has five superpowers geared to suit all curly-hair needs. It can be used for smoothing and sealing - after all, it’s made up of five incredible oils: moringa, mongongo, daikon seed, virgin coconut oil and olive. You can make it your go-to for thermal protection as it forms a barrier around strands retaining moisture. Or, if you need to improve your conditioning regime, use it prior to shampoo to counteract any dehydrating effects.

BOUCLEME Revive 5 Hair Oil, £28
BOUCLEME Revive 5 Hair Oil, £28


Do away with the arduous task of hair straightening with the Dafni styler. Fashioned like a paddle brush, you simply brush your way to straight hair (hoorah!). Larger sections of hair can be styled in just one stroke while it has safety tips to protect the scalp from the 185-degree heat. This handy tool is ideal for human hair wigs and weaves.

Dafni Brush
THE DAFNI Brush, £140


Not to be confused with a hairbrush, this stone crafted tool is designed to gently stimulate cells to get the blood flowing to the scalp, promoting strong and healthy hair growth. Otherwise know as ‘combing therapy’, an extension of Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), carrying out this simple daily ritual will distress the mind and boost energy levels.

JADE BEAUTY Restorer Comb, £38
JADE BEAUTY Restorer Comb, £38

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