Gymbox launch rickshaw service for exhausted gym-goers

The London-based gym has announced the launch of a new service that will carry members home after their first post-lockdown workout!


Last week, millions of fitness lovers returned to gyms as social distancing rules eased; however, many are feeling the burn after just one workout, having been limited to restrictive at-home exercising for the last five months. In response, Gymbox, the eclectic London gym group that brought us live DJs in gyms and unique fitness classes, has announced its latest innvative service to support members on their return.  

Dead-lifts - Gymbox

The new rickshaw service actually carries members home after their first post-lockdown workouts! Dubbed 'Dead-Lifts', the new human courier service has been launched in anticipation of the dreaded DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) - as members push themselves to the limit.  

The science points to increased pain levels following an intense workout after a break from exercise, and Raquel Banuls, Sports and Exercise Scientist said:

“Gym-goers will be inclined to push themselves harder first-time back in a proper gym environment, and this is likely to result in significant stress on the muscles after such a long break. DOMS generally appear between 8-24 hours after exercise and dissipates over the course of a few days. Studies have shown that the main culprit for DOMS is an injury to the cell membrane, mostly caused by eccentric muscle action (the lengthening of the muscle under tension). Even though inflammation is a positive healing process, its short-term effects may interfere in performance. In short, the first workout back might be painful, but repeated sessions will reduce muscle pain.”

For those gym bunnies who are feeling a little more sore than usual, Dead-Lifts is the ideal way to get home after putting in that hard work.

Dead-lifts - Gymbox

Gymbox has stayed innovative throughout the pandemic, while many gyms across the country have felt the pinch of the restrictions. Their market leading Out The Box home workout platform, partnership with boutique hotel chain citizenM, and Home Sweat Home (bespoke Gymbox-design gyms for homeowners) have kept fitness lovers busy and in shape through the last year.  

Brand Director Rory McEntee, said:

“It’s been a while since our members have been to the gym, so those first few workouts are bound to be tough and we're expecting the DOM levels to be far more extreme. With our Deadlifts there to pick them up when they’ve crawled out of the club, we hope in some small way we can make the return to training that little bit easier.”

Not only has Dead-Lifts created a buzz amongst members, Gymbox has pioneered return-to-gym safety protocols, and members can expect temperature checks on arrival, around the clock cleaning, hand sanitising stations and dedicated and socially distanced training spaces.

Dead-lifts - Gymbox

Want to try the new service on your way home from the gym? It's now available at Gymbox Covent Garden.

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