“Glitter Freckles” – The Essential Trend For Festival Season

With Glasto kicking off, here's our essential look for the festival season

Hair & Beauty

We couldn’t think of a more summery and festival-friendly trend than wearing glitter as freckles. With all of the recent controversy regarding cultural appropriation (check out this excellent article for Teen Vogue by Jessica Andrew), head feathers and Bindis are probably best avoided - yet a healthy smattering of glitter is always going to get the go-ahead for Glasto and beyond. Particularly if you’re not blessed with a natural smattering of sun speckles yourself - this is the next best thing.  

And as if by divine intervention (or savvy marketing teams) there are plenty of exciting new glitters on the beauty block to get sprinkling with. From across the pond, the Violet Voss range delivers all sorts of glittery goodness, with different versions depending on the effect you want. So you can choose their Disco Ball Sparkles 15 with particles 0.15mm in size for a barely-there shimmer, but we’d recommend the Super Sparkles 8 (0.8mm) version for fierce freckle-like allure – we particularly love the ‘Unicorn Party Glitter’ shade. (£9.50 Cult Beauty)

But if you fancy getting really artistic, you can decorate your cheekbones to look like the night sky with In Your Dreams Gold Lilleth Chunky Glitter featuring delicate little stars. You can even comb them through your brows if you’re feeling extra creative! (£5.50 Not On The High Street)

The best way to get the glitter to adhere to your skin is by slicking on an all-purpose balm beforehand – such as good old Vaseline or the gorgeous smelling all-natural Pommade Divine. But if you’re after a dab of glitter on the go – then try Niclove’s Glitter and Glue Pots which are vegan-friendly and allow you to smear on stay-put sparkle in one fell swoop. We’re huge fans of the über-girly ‘Iridescent Pink’ shade. (£10 Not On The High Street)  

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