Get Skai Jackson's passion twists look

Need another reason to try passion twists? Skai Jackson has us coveting this on-trend style - here's how to recreate her look.

Hair & Beauty

Skai Jackson was one of the first celebs to make a debut with passion twists on and off camera. Using the crochet method, the American actress tucked away her natural hair in canerows while individual strands have been looped through her plaits using a crochet needle. Set the style with a foam wrap and either dry under a hooded dryer or tie down with a satin or silk headscarf.

The tools you'll need to recreate Skai's style:

Urban Twist Passion
Urban Twist Passion, from £8.99
Urban crochet needle
Urban crochet needle (free when purchased with Urban Twist)
Crème of Nature Foaming Mousse, £6.99
Crème of Nature Foaming Mousse, £6.99

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