Get on board with the latest trending hobby: knitting

Whether you're doing it to capitalise on your downtime, or you want to make a cute festive jumper, knitting is the new must-do pasttime


Unleash your inner domestic goddess and have a go at knitting (yes, we’re serious)! Buzzy social media pages such as @blackgirlknitclub are making it a trendy pastime.

Started by friends Sicgmone Kludje & Vea Koranteng, the East London-based group are creating a space for black women in the craft industry. They state on their website: "Our aim is to create an inclusive space for black women and women of colour to gather, unite, and inspire each other through the confidence of encouraging hand knitting skills and in turn create a learning platform that highlights the importance of creativity in our community."

Want to get into knitting? Try these kits

We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters' knitting kits come with an easy-to-follow guide so you can have a go at making something to wear. Kits are available for varying levels of skill, from beginners (macramé bracelets, scarves) to advanced (jumpers, cardigans, bikinis and more).

Starting from as little as £6, these kits make a great gift or self-gift!

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