Five big hair trends worn by celebrities

Leading hair experts from the UK's best afro salons talk through the latest Autumn/Winter 2019 hair trends worn by celebrities

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Our magpie eyes have spotted celebrities wearing some of the hottest Autumn/Winter hair trends before summer is even out! That said, it all works in our favour as it gives us time to nail the cuts and colours we'll most likely be sporting in a few months time.

The blunt bob

Khloe Kardashian and Naomi Campbell

In most instances we shy away from blunt cuts. It can pronounce facial features and look too severe. To get around these hang ups X-Factor stylist Lathaniel Chambers says this is a job for the stylist. 'A stylist will shape the bob in a way that flatters you. Long layers or a fringe can be incorporated to make it flattering to you,' he says.

The new length has been embraced by weave wearers who have traded in mega long inches for the dynamic cut. The blunt bob works a treat with all hair colours and is a great option for freshening up your look for the new season.

Strip highlights

Jade Thirlwall and Beyonce

The 90s highlight is back! Seen on the likes of Geri Halliwell and Jodie Marsh, the gaudy highlight has made a comeback with a sophisticated approach. 'In the old days people would run hair colour mascara down the length of their hair to achieve the effect,' says celebrity hairdresser Lorraine Dublin. 'Now its all about blending the colour with the roots and other tones that may be in the hair.'

So far, strip highlights have only been seen on straight and wavy tresses but thats not to say it can't be incorporated into curly hair and even box braids. The choice is yours...

Super straight

JLO and Chrissy Teigan

In a time where textured hair is ruling the roost, p-p-p-poker straight hair continues to stand strong. 'This is because we want variation,' says award-winning hairdresser Aycan Kemal. 'It's at the other end of the sale to big curly hair and looks great on all lengths and textures.'

To get a ruler straight finish, you don't have to run the straighteners through your hair umpteen times. Prep with a thermal protector and working in generous amount of smoothing balm to the ends to prevent reversion and limit damage. For a quick-fix use clip-in extensions like Chrissy Teigen (pictured right).


Zendaya and Gigi Hadid

Let's face it the perennial topknot will forever be a big-hit trend. Perfect for all occasions – going to the shops, three-day old curls, a night on the town – it can go from zero to hero in seconds. 'There are no hard and fast rules for topknots,' says award-winning hairdresser Hector Obeng. 'What's in fashion now is the deconstructed updo where the bun is imperfect and strands of hair are left down to blow in the wind.'

Yes, this is definitely a style we can't live without and will always be in our arsenal for bad hair days AND happy hair days!

Large parting braids

Jhene Aiko and Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Combining box braids and the recently-made-popular knotless braids, large parting plaits takes a less strenuous approach to braiding and looks gorgeous. 'This technique applies less pressure to the scalp and the chunky braids lessens the likelihood of hair being weakened,' explains salon owner Anastasia Chikezie. 'Its win-wn all round as it takes less time that single plaits and can be taken out more quickly too.' Sounds good!

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