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"Today is the day you do something your future self will be thankful for"

Sandra Martin

If you’re looking for a sign this season to be more active, well look no further, it’s here.

Think about something you’ve always wanted to try or look into, note that down, it can be as silly or ridiculous as you want, just be honest and true to yourself, the key is your happiness. Now think back to your childhood, was there something you used to love doing? Close your eyes and have a good think about this one. When you have it note that down too. Now you should have two things that interest you, think of everything and anything that falls between the middle ground or things that cross over from both. Be as adventurous and wild as your mind allows, the more you embrace your spontaneity the better. Highlight the things that stand out most to you, pick out your favourite bits.

Okay now you have your thing or things right, the next step is time. Have a look at your diary for any spare time you may have, write down a simple note e.g. Sandra time and hold yourself accountable to this just as you would to a meeting. Make it something fun to look forward to, that breaks up your week or even involves a friend or a colleague.

So there are three options: you can stick to a budget, make an investment into learning a new skill or find fun freebies. I tend to use the shorter periods of free time for the freebies and the longer periods of free time for the investments, so you have enough time to learn a new skill and benefit from it.

"Just a little reminder, you've got this. Don't quit."

My middle ground took me deep into something completely new. I’ve always wanted to be in a Marvel film and still do, to be honest, whilst the child in me has always loved play fighting and being active. Between the two you ultimately get stage combat. So, I took part in an intensive dramatic combat course with RC-Annie. From start to finish I can honestly say this course was absolutely brilliant. The tutors were knowledgeable and approachable; they made the entire experience. Now I would be lying if I said this was easy. It takes a lot of commitment, but if you are up for a challenge and love learning new skills this is for you. Throughout the two weeks you learn a series of skills, on how to use a rapier and dagger to how to perform unarmed combat. All of your hard work is put together with choreography and a script and performed in front of an examiner. I know exams sound really daunting but this is really a chance to show off your skills and have the most fun. You have the chance to gain a qualification and carry on throughout the different levels of stage combat. If you found your list to be quite similar to mine in interests here are a few cool alternatives that let you explore your inner fight club warrior.

Sticking to a budget

Blok Shoreditch are currently offering packages. They have a really cool boxing classes with Dee at their Shoreditch studio.


RC-Annie - and intensive two-week dramatic stage combat course (exam at the end of two weeks, chance to gain a qualification). They also offer taster sessions for 98p giving you a chance to see if it’s something you want to invest in.


ClassPass offer free trials on all the latest classes. Alternatively, most studios offer trials before signing up for classes.

I challenge you today to make a change. Once a month, every month, try something new. You can stick to a budget, make an investment into learning a new skill or find fun freebies to take part in. Most importantly stay active and don’t be afraid to get stuck in. It’s time to let your spontaneous side out to play.

If you’re stuck for ideas or want to show me what you get up to feel free to tweet me @01_themartin

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