FFS Beauty launches inclusive campaign

Hair removal box subscription service FFS Beauty has just launched a campaign featuring women from all walks of life.

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FFS Beauty handpicked 20 women from all walks of life for its latest #effortlessbeauty campaign - celebrating the female form in all its glory.

FFS Beauty

FFS Beauty said on their website: 'Our #effortlessbeauty campaign is made to encourage all women to embrace their natural beauty. It’s important to us that we represent all women and show that beauty should be effortless – that’s why we handpicked 20 everyday women to celebrate the female form in all it's glory.'

Each woman in the campaign is named on the website, alongside a brief background summary and their own quote about confidence and self love.

The subscription service beauty box, which specialises in hair removal, has now reached a record 100k subscribers. You can shop their subscriptions here.

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