Festival hair ideas sorted

The hair pros let you in on how to channel your inner style spirit

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Tie-Dye Braids

Psychedelic colours on braids are a festival fave. Go for jumbo-sized plaits, patterned partings and long swishing length that’s not overly structured. You can keep the ends of the hair loose instead of plaiting it right to the end.

Lathaniel Chambers, Lathaniel Couture Hair & Beauty

Detailed Accessories

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to accessorising festival hair. You can go all out and mix and match or keep it minimal - anything goes. At the moment I’m loving hair rings and ribbons. These can be added to braids or locs as the pièce de résistance.

Korrell Williams, Creer Hairstyling

Glitter Roots

That’s right, sprinkling your parting with glitter is a massive trend. And best of all, it’s easy to do! Simply spray a little hairspray on the rootsection and sprinkle on as much glitter as you like. A chunkier version is better than fine dust particles as it’s more likely to hold.

Gloria Odumosu, Think Pretty Salon

Flower Power

There’s no doubt that flowers are the most famous festival accessory. But while it’s been about petal crowns and halos in the past, go for pins instead if you still want to wear flowers in your hair. This is a much more modern way to channel your inner-hippie and have your pick of the bunch.

Paschan’el Mitchell, Junior Green London

Faux Locs

If you’re a braid veteran I say switch things up by rocking faux locs. My advice is to keep them carefree and laid-back because it’s one of those protective styles that look even better overtime. There’s so much you can do style-wise too. If the weather is really hot you can stack them into a high bun to keep cool and look cute!

Aycan Kemal, New York Hair Design

Full on 'Fro

Go strong on boho chic by wearing your afro out in full force. It’s all about being free, so work with your natural curl pattern. Ramp up the definition of your curls by twisting or braiding the hair the night before using your favourite defining products or take the speedy option and opt for a wig.

Bunmi Sanusi, AVOS Hair

The Kit

Whether you’re glamping or camping, these hair heroes will get you through come rain or shine.

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