‘A love letter to black girls’ – Stephanie Yeboah gives us a sneak peek into her forthcoming book

The blogger will tackle fat-phobia, everyday misogynoir and the cesspit of online dating in her new book. We can’t wait!


Anyone who follows Stephanie Yeboah, aka @nerdabouttown, will know she’s a big girl with a big heart. An Instagrammer who lives and breathes body positivity – she’s a true advocate of practising self-love whatever your size, shape, gender and colour. A role model for us all. So, when she dropped the news this week that she’s releasing a book this year, we were all ears.

She announced on Instagram to her 46K followers: “I am incredibly excited to finally announce that I, me, a whole STEPHANIE had written a whole book!!! The book is called FATTILY EVER AFTER: THE FAT BLACK GIRLS’ GUIDE TO LIVING UNAPOLOGETICALLY.”

The bigger picture

Be sure to mark the book’s release date, 3 September 2020, in your diaries now (although you can pre-order now). And while we’re still in January – yes still! – and the launch feels like a long way off, Stephanie insists it’ll definitely be worth the wait.

“After years of speaking about body image and body positivity, I began noticing that a rather important demographic kept being left out of the conversation, and it was the voices of fat, black women,” she went on to say. “As early pioneers of the body positivity movement, our voices were being drowned out and replaced by socially acceptable white, chubby bodies and frankly, I wasn’t about to be hear [sic] for that."

Fat girls, fetishism and lots of fun…

Stephanie knows her stuff. Alongside her social media work, she’s written articles on the subjects of race, dating and being a big girl for the likes of Refinery29 and Stylist. According to her, this book is a deep dive into the history of plus-sized women, while also providing essential tips and advice from herself and others. “This book is a love letter to all my fat, black women out there, and what I’m hoping will be a helpful guide for those wanting to learn more. I talk about navigating society as a black plus sized woman living in Western society, incorporating everything from mental health and the media to dating and culture. I talk about the history behind body positivity and lay out the facts about misogynoir, fetishism and all those other fun things. I’m offering tips and advice on self-esteem, privilege and confidence. Most importantly, the book features important interviews and wisdom from you, fellow plus size women who have been aching for your voices to be heard in a community that that forgotten and marginalised us.”


Words by Julie Vuong

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