Fashion photographer Aminat Adenuga talks working with an all black-female team

A stop-in-awe moment to celebrate creatives raising the bar and shape-shifting the aesthetics of an entire culture. #SpellSalutes


“Being a creative is hard, especially in these times. Finding and then maintaining the motivation to create while in lockdown was difficult, but I was able to do a series of FaceTime shoots with a few fellow creatives. That really kept me sane.

Aminat Adenuga

"I love the idea of working with black creatives, which is why everyone on the team was a black female. I believe we should encourage and uplift one other because the industry is hard enough.

Aminat Adenuga

"It’s no secret that as a woman you have to work 10 times harder to get recognition in a male dominated field. That said, I love how more female photographers and videographers are joining the scene. There’s room for us all.”

Aminat Adenuga

Aminat Adenuga, fashion photographer (

Hair: Jaz Lanyero assisted by Anoushka Danso

Make-up: Danielle Aleshea Mason

Styling: Jade Laurice Forrester

Model: Proscovia Kongai

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