Everything you need to know about Instagram’s new app Threads

Want to share your selfies with just your BFFs? Well, now you can with this brand new app from the creators of Instagram.


Ever experienced a slip of the finger on Instagram only to share a private snap with all and sundry? Well, now there’s a way of eliminating that stomach-plummeting panic with the latest app Threads. Working in tandem with your Insta account, it allows you to share with your Close Friends group only, and promises to make it even easier to snap and share by taking in fancy new shortcuts. It might not have launched in time to help Coleen Rooney in her investigative exploits (#wagwars) but given its priority is photo privacy there’s plenty to love about Threads. So what’s the deal? Here’s the Spell lowdown…

Put only close friends in the picture

That’s right: no strangers, work colleagues or mere acquaintances will be able to view what you post. This is for your Close Friends list on Instagram only. And don’t worry if your mates haven’t downloaded Threads yet, as everything you upload is posted directly to Instagram too. Within the app, you can individually message and video call, while also creating sub-groups within your chosen inner circle.

Eight’s the magic number

Threads allows to you to narrow down your top contacts, keeping them up top for easy access. Time to get thinking of your most talked-to pals now…

Camera at the ready

It’s dubbed a ‘photo-first messaging app’ because it opens up directly to your camera. This means that within two clicks, you can share your autumnal walk to work or spookiest frocks for Halloween night without faffing around.

You play father time

Not a user of Snapchat but a fan of the photo lifespan function? Threads puts you in control of not just who views your latest selfie but for how long too. Set your pic to disappear after one view, one day or keep it alive and visible for good. Now that’s a game changer!

It’s basic, but functional

Downsides? You won’t be able to add the same artistic flourishes as on Instagram Stories, but there are basic drawing tools to pretty up your breakfast plate. The absence of stickers mean replies are typed only. But lovers of fancy filters may just need to wait until Threads gets off the ground before extra functions are introduced.  

Better for your mental health

Think of Threads as a helping hand for wellbeing, guiding us away from congested feeds and easing the pressure and anxiety that can come from constant scrolling. It follows Instagram’s announcement that it’s also testing the idea of hiding ‘likes’ to lessen our modern obsession with numbers. That may not be good news (or not) for brands, but it’s most certainly good for the soul.

Spell’s verdict?

If you hold your close friends dear, this is the app for you. Talk and share safely in the knowledge that no accidental clicks will put you in the wrong frame. This is a visual-first app – it’s all about quick-fire snaps that can be shared in confidence and confidently. And for the moment, without a whole heap of picture enhancements, it’s a functional way to get your message across. Perfect if you want a private space away from the noise and distraction of Instagram.

Threads is available to download now.

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