Everything you need for Easter

From Easter egg hunts to unique decor, browse our guide for everything you need to prepare for the upcoming springtime festivities.


As the days grow warmer and the tulips begin to flower, there’s only one thing on our minds: how many Easter eggs we can gobble down come 17th April! Post-Valentine’s Day, supermarket confectionary aisles seamlessly transitioned from love heart-shaped selection boxes to row upon row of egg-shaped treats, prompting the most organised planners amongst us to purchase and hide a small selection to be gifted to our lucky recipients on the big day.

However, if you’re tempted to expand your Easter offerings beyond a chocolate feast, there’s so much more fun to be had in the realms of festive crafts, decorations, family games and more. This holiday is no longer limited to a sit down dinner and egg-exchange – if you’re so inclined, you can wow friends and family with a celebration to rival Christmastime.

Having guests round for a meal over the long weekend? You can easily create an Easter centrepiece that will generate as much of a discussion as your cooking skills (whether they’re good or bad, we’ll leave that to you to prove). And if you’d rather head out for an activity, there’s a burgeoning calendar of events taking place in the city and beyond.

Applying a fresh perspective to cherished traditions is a great way to reconnect with loved ones and get the creative juices flowing. So, whether you want to get active with the kids by doing a touch of arts and crafts, treat a loved one with a novelty gift or simply kick back and relax – after all it’s a fourday weekend, browse our guide on the next page to help make this Easter one to remember. You can also share your easter fun by tagging #spellmagazine

TKMaxx Carrot Basket
Eggs in one basket: TKMaxx Carrot Basket,£4.99
 John Lewis Chick Egg Cups
Spring chicken: John Lewis Chick Egg Cups, £9
Wilko Cross Stitch Pattern
Stitched up: Wilko Cross Stitch Pattern, £1
Paperchase Easter Card Kit
Play your cards right: Paperchase Easter Card Kit, £5
Homesense Gift Bag
Mixed bag: Homesense Gift Bag, £1.99
Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Patisserie Egg
Egg-cellent: Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Patisserie Egg, £30
Fable Rose Gold Rabbit Stud Earrings
Run, rabbit: Fable Rose Gold Rabbit Stud Earrings, £10
LUSH The Golden Egg Bath Bomb
Gold rush: LUSH The Golden Egg Bath Bomb, £4.50
Rituals The Ritual of Mehr Easter Egg Gift Set
And relax: Rituals The Ritual of Mehr Easter Egg Gift Set, £39.90

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